Mango's Back To School Reading List

Mango’s Back to School Reading List

Motivational Books for Teen Athletes

Get your head in the game. Teen athletes need to keep up with their school work and give 100 percent in the pool, court, track or field. Mango’s Back to school reading list is full of motivational books for teen athletes. 

Learn from the Best. Get advice on how to form good habits and reach your goal from top athletes with Trust the Grind. Gain historical perspective on sports from reading Picturing America’s Pastime. Learn how to improve your physical and mental fitness with Functional Training and Beyond. Make a game plan for getting a collegiate football scholarship with The Recruit’s Playbook. Tap into Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality to become a leader in athletics and in life with The Competitive Buddha.

At Mango, we have the best sports books for teens. This August, we want you to have fun, build relationships, and gain confidence through teen sports. Become a star athlete this school year through our collection of books on sports for teenage athletes, part of Mango’s Back to School Reading List. 

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