12 Days of Remembrance- Newsletter From Chelsea Hanson

Chelsea Hanson, author of The Sudden Loss Survival Guide, has released the next installation of her “12 Days of Remembrance” newsletter.

Shine On with Chelsea Hanson

 ~ DAY 2 ~

We can’t know why some things happen,
but we can know that love
and beautiful memories
outlast the pain of grief.
And we can know that there’s a place
inside the heart where love lives always,
and where nothing beautiful
can ever be forgotten.
—Author Unknown
Dearest Friend,
Recalling the person you miss in meaningful, tangible ways provides a lifeline when you are new to loss, gives comfort as you heal in the years ahead, and allows you to feel love for the rest of your life.
A heartfelt way to remember your beloved is with tangible reminders that come from his or her belongings. There are many inventive, unique options for reusing and repurposing personal items into treasured keepsakes that you can see and appreciate every day and at the holidays.
Almost any type of clothing can be repurposed into new, imaginative items to bring comfort and closeness while simultaneously give expression to your emotions.
Here is an example:
Nate’s grandmother, Kathy, died on November 1. Nate received a teddy bear made out of one of her favorite sweatshirts. Not only did it bring a big smile to his face, but also provided healing through service for Clara, the seamstress who crafted this comforting bear.

    The teddy bear’s tag says: “This is something I used to wear
when you hold it
know that I am there
Love Grandma”

Repurpose clothing, such as flannel shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters into cozy stuffed animals as remembrances for you or children. Buttons from shirts can be fashioned into eyes, and fuzzy sweaters can be patterned into the body. If you aren’t crafty, ask your local hospice for recommendations for nearby artists. 

I hope you enjoyed Day 2 of our 12 Days of Holiday Remembrance.
Please share the 12 Days of Remembrance with others who may need support during the holidays. 

And reply to this e-mail with photos of remembrance ideas you’d like to share.  See you tomorrow for Day 3!

Many blessings,
Chelsea Hanson is an author, grief educator, and bereaved daughter.

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