12 Great Books by Hispanic Authors to Celebrate Latinidad

Hispanic Heritage Month reading list

Celebrate the Art, Food, and Spirit of Hispanic Authors with Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

Learn about Hispanic culture and art with our coloring and drawing book full of street art Coloring with Lebo. Honor the importance of Hispanic family bonds with Mama’s Milk and Me. Salute badass Hispanic women taking charge with Jefa in Training. Explore Cuban cuisine with Cortadito. Get enlightened with Mindfulness Through the Stars.

National Hispanic Heritage Month honors the cultures, histories, and contributions of Americans with South American, Central American, Spanish, Mexican, and Caribbean ancestry. National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. Originally, the observation was initiated by President Lyndon Johnson as a Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968. In 1988, President Ronald Regan extended it to a month. The reason it falls in the middle of September is because September 15 is the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico celebrates their independence on September 16 and Chile Celebrates their independence on the 18. 

Explore the works of Hispanic authors, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and more with Mango’s list of Hispanic Heritage Month books.

Honoring Hispanic Art

For famous Hispanic artists like Frida Khalo and Jean-Michel Basquiat, art was more than a means to unleash creativity, it was healing. Follow in the footsteps of Hispanic artists and dive into Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

Do you want to jump into the world of indigenous art, Caribbean imagery, and graffiti? Get our street-art inspired coloring book, Coloring with Lebo, from the Hispanic mixed-media artist David Le Batard. Is creativity an escape for you? Journal to unleash your doodles and doubts with Elina Diaz and Yaddyra Peralta’s book Anxious Art.

If you would like to learn more about Hispanic Art, Read Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

La Familia

Family is important in Hispanic culture. If you grew up with Hispanic parents, you most likely woke up with the sound of salsa blasting and the vacuum booming…porque uno nunca sabe. You probably grew up hearing a never-ending repertoire of magical stories –La cucarachita martina, El ratonicito Perez, La pulgarcita, El gato con botas… And you most likely heard your Hispanic parents say words you couldn’t find in the dictionary (or words that didn’t quite meet the definition) –metiche, mi gorda, or arroz con mango. Most of all, you know that when it comes to Hispanic parents, there is nothing stronger than the familial bond.

This Hispanic Heritage Month consider showing gratitude for your parents with an organizational tool that would make your Hispanic mom proud Journal Planning Magic. A creative children’s fable that teaches tolerance and inclusion One Bee Too Many. A unique keepsake for Hispanic moms to strengthen the mother-baby bond during breastfeeding, Mama’s Milk and Me. A much-needed guide to deciphering what your Cuban friends are trying to say with Cubanisms.

If you would like to honor your Hispanic family, Read Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

Hispanic Entrepreneurship

This Hispanic History Month, appreciate the hustle, drive, and fortitude of Hispanic people with Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Month Reading List.

Support Hispanic owned businesses and celebrate the special hustle of Hispanic entrepreneurs with Unique Hustle. In this book, Will Castro details how he became the best car customizer in hip hop, with a shout out from DJ Khaled. The future of Hispanic businesses is female. Learn how to build your empire with expert advice from Latin women in business as well as worksheets for success with Jefa in Training.

If you would like to become an awesome Hispanic Entrepreneur Read Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

Food is a Love Language

This Hispanic Heritage Month, honor the Hispanic food that joins us around the table. Hispanic food culture brings together history and present time. Explore Hispanic food culture with Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

Applaud Hispanic chefs taking on an American Classic with All About the Burger. Wander through the origin and evolution of Cuba’s staple dishes with Cortadito. While you are learning about Hispanic food, discover the rich history of one it’s iconic beverages Rum Rebels.

If you would like to learn more about Hispanic food culture, Read Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.

Cultures of Faith

From growing up with Walter Mercado, to passing by countless Saint Lazarus figurines outside homes, Hispanic cultures of faith are as diverse as they are complex. This Hispanic Heritage Month, become more knowledgeable on Hispanic cultural beliefs with Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.  

Gain perspective on the universe through astrology with Mindfulness Through the Stars. Follow a tale of mystery, death, and faith with The Miracle of Saint Lazarus.

If you would like to uncover more about Hispanic cultural beliefs, Read Mango’s Hispanic Heritage Reading List.Explore the works of Hispanic authors, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and more with Mango’s list of Hispanic heritage month books.

Mamas Milk & Me by Alisha Gladdis cover
Mama’s Milk & Me
Alisha Gladdis
Coloring The Universe by David Le Batard cover
Coloring The Universe
David Le Batard
Journal Planning Magic by Andrea Gonzalez cover
Journal Planning Magic
Andrea Gonzalez
Jefa In Training by Ashley K. Stoyanov cover
Jefa In Training
Ashley K. Stoyanov
One Bee Too Many by Andres Pi Andreu & Kim Amate cover
One Bee Too Many
Andres Pi Andreu
Anxious Art by Elina Diaz & Yaddyra Peralta cover
Anxious Art
Elina Diaz & Yaddyra Peralta
Cubanisms by Pedro Garcia cover
Pedro García
Unique Hustle by Will Castro cover
Unique Hustle
Will Castro
Cortadito by Enrique Fernandez cover
Enrique Fernández