12 Leaders in Women’s History Month and Books to Honor Them

12 Leaders in Women's History Month and Books to Honor them banner

Looking back at history (and the iconic women found in today’s history books, like Madame CJ Walker, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Audrey Hepburn) it’s difficult to imagine a world where women didn’t build entrepreneurial empires, win Oscars, or attend college. 

March is a time to educate ourselves on women in history, their battles, and contributions, whether through books, movies, blogs, podcasts, etc.. Most importantly, it’s a time to celebrate and cherish the amazing women around us. From trailblazing advocates who introduced new perspectives to pop culture icons who changed the trajectory of art, this Women’s History Month we’re highlighting inspiring females in history, both past and present, with a specially curated Women’s History Month Book Series. 

Highlighting icons who have made and are currently making history across a variety of industries, you’ll find that there’s a great female leader on every page. In her ode to the women that impacted her life through cinema, Alicia Malone unpacks Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the fine line between Norma Jeane Mortenson and Marilyn Monroe (Girls on Film).  In Rum Rebels,  Martyna Halas profiles over a dozen women creating rum from Mexico to Martinique. She begins with Joy Spence, who became the first female master blender in 1997 while working at Appleton.

Girls on Film by Alicia Malone cover
Rum Rebels by Martyna Halas & Rene van Hoven cover

This month, you’ll learn about female leaders, discover stellar books about women in history, and meet Mango authors as they share their insights on the importance of Women’s History Month. Not only will you add to your TBR list, you will  also collect gems that will empower and educate you.

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We’ve curated a list of Women Owned Businesses, Feminist Bookstores, and Organizations in Support of Women’s History Month.

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