18 Spooky Books for Halloween

Spooky Books for Halloween

If you’ve ever sat through a James Wan film, teepeed a house, tried to cast a spell, or subscribed to a true crime podcast–you’ve made it to the right page. Mango’s collection of spooky books is perfect for all of us with an edge. Whatever side of the spooky spectrum you’re on, we’ve got everything from revolting retellings (America’s First Female Serial Killer) to enchanting encounters (Living the Faery Life). Here are Mango’s top tantalizing tales of true crime, menacing mysteries, fantastic files, and stranger-than-fiction stories.

Tantalizing Tales of True Crime.

There is no better way to get in the mood for Halloween than reading spooky books. From bedtime stories to tales around the fire, chilling stories have a long tradition. If you dare, tap into these true crime tellings. 

Jermaine Lau

“I read True Crime, because you get to learn about the worst of humanity. That makes me feel slightly more prepared to handle unexpected situations in my day to day”

—Jermaine Lau, Social Media Manager 

America’s First Female Serial Killer

Some terrifying stories are all too real. Learn about the tragic life of Jane Toppan—America’s first nurse turned serial killer, claimed to have killed over thirty people. Toppan is considered an “Angel of Mercy,” and most often murdered patients in her care. If you enjoy true crime, read (America’s First Female Serial Killer) by Mary Kay McBrayer.

Double Lives

Sometimes, the nightmare is the nice neighbor next door. Serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy seemed to live average lives, until their disturbing crimes were revealed. Find out what lies behind the façade with Double Lives by Eric Brach.

Double Lives by Eric Brach cover
Double Lives
Eric Brach

The Murderer’s Maid

Take another look at the famous accused murderer, Lizzie Borden, through the lens of her maid, Bridget, and a troubled modern woman, Felicita. While Borden was never convicted of the murder of her parents, she has been considered a killer in American consciousness since the 19th century. Read Erika Mailman’s exploration of Borden’s legacy in the IPPY Gold Medal Award and National Indie Excellence Award winning book The Murderer’s Maid.

Best True New Crime Series

Have you ever wanted to know more about a famous crime? Or have you wondered if a murderer is born or created? Best True Crime Stories by Mitzi Szereto will shed light on those questions, but the stories may keep you up at night.

Menacing Mysteries

So much of Halloween is about the unexplainable. From the adventures of the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, the rituals that connect us to the spirit world, and the connections to loved ones from beyond the grave, mystery is a great genre about the wonders of what goes bump in the night. 

“I love reading mysteries because I like to think critically and play detective, hoping to solve the mystery before the book ends.”

–Meloni Williams, Developmental Editing Manager

The Miracle of Saint Lazarus

Are you obsessed with cold cases? The Miracle of Saint Lazarus by Uva De Aragón is a story about a young girl presumed dead, who is mysteriously sighted around Miami year after her disappearance. This thriller is a great Halloween book to read by a bedside lamp.

Sherlock Holmes

Follow the adventures of one of the world’s most famous detectives with Sherlock Holmes’s Stories. These collections of Holmes’s murder mystery stories complied by eminent editor Maxim Jakubowski, are the perfect short tales for readers looking for the best spooky books. Filled with works by top British and American authors, the ventures of Holmes’s and Watson continue. For more Holmes’s horror read The Tarleton Murders by Breck England.

Fantastic Files of Witches, Ghosts, and Faeries. Tap into the magic of Halloween with mystical beings from here and beyond. Halloween is a time of heightened energy, so harness that power with Mango’s fantastic collection of not-so-spooky books.

The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories by Maxim Jakubowski cover
Sherlock Holmes Stories
Maxim Jakubowski

“I read moon magic and witchcraft books to better understand why I feel so much in my element during the month of October.” 

—Avery Coffey, Content Creator Intern

The Witch’s Guide to Ritual

There is a brighter side to Halloween. Learn to utilize the power of the seasons with rituals, spells, and incantations with The Witch’s Guide to Ritual by Cerridwen Greenleaf.

Moon Spell Magic and Dark Moon Magic

Halloween is much older than the frightening spectacle it is today. Explore the ancient practices with Moon Spell Magic and Dark Moon Magic by Cerridwen Greenleaf. Improve your life with moon rituals, on Halloween and all year round.

Moon Spell Magic by Cerridwen Greenleaf cover
Moon Spell Magic
Cerridwen Greenleaf
Dark Moon Magic by Cerridwen Greenleaf cover
Dark Moon Magic
Cerridwen Greenleaf

Mystical Crystals and The Magic Oracle Book

Not all witches are spooky. Books like Mystical Crystals and The Magic Oracle Bookare perfect tools for harnessing your inner power.Tap into ancient knowledge and bring on positive change in your life through manifestation with  Mystical Crystals by Cerridwen Greenleaf. For even more wisdom, look to The Magic Oracle Book. Filled with thoughts from poets, philosophers, writers, and other great thinkers, it is so full of sage insight, it is like magic. Mystical Crystals and The Magic Oracle Book are the best halloween books for setting intentions.

Mystical Crystals by Cerridwen Greenleaf cover
Mystical Crystals
Cerridwen Greenleaf
The Magic Oracle Book by Cerridwen Greenleaf cover
The Magic Oracle Book
Cerridwen Greenleaf

Living the Faery Life

There may be spirits beyond what we can see, faeries being one. Kac Young shares personal anecdotes about coexisting with faeries in Living the Faery Life. Here, you’ll learn about their hidden world and find practical advice on how to live peacefully with them.

I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It)

Spooky books aren’t always scary. Sometimes they can be touching. In I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It), Concetta Bertoldi communicates with the dead them from the great beyond.

Stranger Than Fiction Stories. Sometimes, life truly is stranger than make believe. But don’t be fooled– spooky books about real life can keep you up at night, especially because they make you realize strange things happen everyday…

I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It) by Concetta Bertoldi cover
I Kissed a Ghost
Concetta Bertoldi
Jasmine Respess

“I love nonfiction books, and so often real life stories are more shocking than anything I could imagine”

–Jasmine Respess, Editorial Coordinator

We Did That?

Sometimes, the real world is stranger than fiction. Mango’s collection of spooky books for Halloween includes We Did That? Check out this exploration into the odd accomplishments of human beings that are often too strange to be celebrated.

We Did That by Sophie Stirling cover
We Did That?
Sophie Stirling

Any Last Words?

Eventually, everyone dies, and most people will utter a final word. Joseph Hayden has collected over 200 last words from honored athletes, great writers, and executed royals.  even prolific criminals. Any Last Words? is an amazing Halloween book, because while it features inspiring quotes from admirable characters, it also has haunting last words from prolific criminals and killers.

Any Last Words? by Joseph Hayden cover
Any Last Words
Joseph Hayden

Read Mango Publishing Group’s  best halloween books to get you in the spooky or sweet spirit.