#43: Dr. Jerry Lynch — Sports Psychologist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher, and Author of “The Competitive Buddha”

Dr. Jerry Lynch (author of The Competitive Buddha) talks philosophy and sports on this latest Bring It In podcast.

Episode Description

How do you get credit for 73 Conference Championships, 54 Final Fours, and 39 National Championships across every major athletic sport in America? Dr. Jerry Lynch, ex-Navy Officer, sports psychologist, author, speaker, athlete, and coach, has advised, guided, and coached some of the most successful, winningest, and dominant athletes in the world. You might’ve heard of a few of them…Steve KerrPhil Jackson, and Kobe Bryant.

With a unique perspective that combines eastern philosophy, Native American Tradition, and Western Philosophy, Dr. J has written over thirteen books and given countless lectures to help people achieve their prime mentality to win.

When I sat down with Dr. J, he dove into his latest book, “The Competitive Buddha,” a book about mastery, leadership, and spirituality, drawing from the ancient teachings of The Buddha and showing how many of those philosophies apply to winning.

This is definitely one of the most unique podcasts I’ve ever had so…let’s bring it in!

The Competitive Buddha

How to Up Your Game in Sports, Leadership and Life

Connect Spirituality to Sports. The Competitive Buddha is about mastery, leadership, and spirituality. Learn what you need to keep, what you need to discard, and what you need to add to your mental, emotional, and spiritual skill set as an athlete, coach, leader, parent, CEO, or any other performer in life. Understand how Buddhism can help you to be better prepared for sports and life, and how sports and life can teach you about Buddhism. Discover how people from all parts of the world have brought together the Buddha and athletics for greater fun, enjoyment, and pleasure during their performances. Dr. Jerry Lynch demonstrates how certain timeless core Buddha values inspire you to embrace and navigate unchartered waters, and understand the Buddha-mind and the Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality.

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