8 Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Halloween is about the spooky, but it is also about the sweet!

If you care more about satisfying your sweet tooth than freaky frights, Mango’s collection of Halloween treats for adults and kids are jam-packed with cookies, cocktails, cakes, candy, and more. Find the perfect fall dessert with Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book or concoct cocktails in your cauldron with Cocktail Companion. Bite into Mango’s book list of crafty confections and discover rich recipes for your next Halloween party.

Playful Party Treats for Halloween.

If your favorite part of Autumn is baking sweet treats for Halloween with your friends and family, Mango’s repertoire of cookbooks and home bar guides can transform anyone into a spooky host. 

Minerve Jean

“My favorite Halloween treats include making candy corn treats from scratch using Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book

—Minerve Jean, Marketing Manager

Otaku Foods!

Halloween is about fully immersing yourself in a character. Whether you are dressing up as Hitokiri Battosai from Rurouni Ken Shin or donning Naruto Uzumaki’s classic Shinobi headband, eat the part by preparing dishes from your favorite shows. Learn to make Naruto’s Japanese Ramen or Yakiniku from Rurouni Ken Shin with Otaku Foods! by Danielle Baghernejad.

Otaku Foods! by Danielle Baghernejad cover
Otaku Food!
Daniel Baghernejad

Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book

While spooky season can be fun, you never want your baking to come out scary. With Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book learn the science behind baking: measurements, master formulas, and mixing methods, so your cookies and cupcakes don’t come out like Frankenstein’s monster.

52 Weeks, 52 Sweets

52 Weeks, 52 Sweets by Vedika Luthra has a mouth watering recipe for every season. Turn the pages of this yummy book to find delicious  Halloween treats for adults and kids, like pumpkin spice cheesecake and banana bread.

52 Weeks, 52 Sweets by Vedika Luthra cover
52 Weeks, 52 Seets
Vedika Luthra

Cookies make tasty treats for Halloween. A Cookie to Celebrate by Jana Douglass boasts scrumptious cookie recipes, as well as step by step instructions on how to decorate cookies at home. At your next Halloween party, don’t just impress your guests with stunning desserts—host a cookie decorating party where everyone can get involved in the fun. 

Geek Sweets

Would you like to have your favorite characters from The Walking Dead at your Halloween gathering? With Geek Sweets byJenny Burgesse you can bake character-inspired creations, mix up some hellish Halloween treats for adults, and discover that baking is actual magic.

Geek Sweets by Jenny Burgesse cover
Geek Sweets
Jenny Burgesse

At-Home Halloween Treats for Adults.

When you were a kid, Halloween was all about the caramel apples and candy. Now, you get a green apple martini and a candy rimmed cocktail too. No matter what your poison is, Mango’s Boozy Book List helps turn any bar into a witch’s apothecary. Find all sorts of Halloween treats for adults in titles like Drink Like a Geek, Cocktail Companion, and Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden.

Jessica Faroy

“I love making fun cocktails on Halloween. It’s like candy for adults!”

—Jessica Faroy, Associate Editor

Drink Like a Geek

Halloween is the best time to dive into your fandom. Whether you are a Potterhead, Trekkie, a Bond lover, or a Star Wars superfan Drink Like a Geek by Jeff Cioletti has ridiculously fun recipes for every aficionado. 

Drink Like a Geek by Jeff Cioletti cover
Drink Like A Geek
Jeff Cioletti

Cocktail Companion

Are you curious about the origins of cocktails? Do you want to debunk common myths about alcoholic drinks? Or would you just like to show off your knowledge of cocktail culture at your Halloween get together? Read Cocktail Companion by Cheryl Charming to get all the cocktail lore. 

The Cocktail Companion by Cheryl Charming cover
The Cocktail Companion
Cheryl Charming

Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden

Whether you’re warming up to spooky season with an old fashioned, or serving up bloody mary’s at your party,Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden helps you tap into the magic of the Earth and create gorgeously garnished cocktails.

Read Mango Publishing Group’s  best halloween books to get you in the spooky or sweet spirit.