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Paul Convery (author of Eat Your Words) describes various dining habits and dietary regimes for all who read his book.

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While I am always amazed at the new food ideas I get to explore and share, I must admit that I am sometimes at a loss for words when asked to describe them.

That is why I am so glad to have a copy of Scottish wordsmith Paul Convery’s Eat Your Words: The definitive dictionary for the discerning diner. 

Published (appropriately enough) by Mango Books, this exhaustive and well-executed tome offers just the right words for everything from bouillabaisse to nucules and even has an entire section on the appropriate terms with which to describe various dining habits and dietary regimes (lest you make some other flavorless faux past your next repast). The book includes such comprehensive categories as ingredients from the plant and animal worlds, terms affiliated with farming and fishing, delicious words from the English-speaking and international worlds of cuisine, and ways to talk about every level of hunger or distaste without upsetting other people’s stomachs.

So whether you see yourself (or others) as macerators, macrogasters, or somewhere in between, this well-armed amateur’s a la carte approach to appetizers, aristons, arval feasts and all other alimentary appointments is always appropriate.


Eat Your Words

The Definitive Dictionary for the Discerning Diner

For bon viveurs and verbivores alike: Are you a gourmet who knows the difference between Maldon and Morton salt? Maybe you’re an expert on the properties of heat in cooking. Or you’re a cocktail connoisseur with a taste for tequila. Eat Your Words is a surprising treat for anyone who loves learning about food and cooking. If you’re looking for cooking gifts for a friend who devoured Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, this culinary dictionary is the perfect fit.

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