A Memoir of Autism and Hope

Melisa Caprio (writer of Postcards to the Universe) speaks with co-authors Valerie Gilpeer and Emily Grodin about their inspiring memoir.


Valerie Gilpeer is a former attorney in Los Angeles who has been practicing law for forty years, Emily Grodin is a poet. Mother and daughter co-authors of I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust: A Memoir of Autism and Hope.

Born with non-verbal autism, Emily’s only means of communicating were limited to one-word answers and physical gestures which often left her frustrated, angry and misunderstood. A disastrous intercontinental flight from Ireland to Los Angeles, when Emily was twenty-five, triggered a miraculous communication breakthrough. With the help of a trained specialist and a technique called Facilitated Communication Emily typed out the following phrase on an Ipad: “I have been buried under years of dust and now I have so much to say.” That sentence opened up the flood gates of communication, and while Emily is still non-verbal, she hasn’t stopped talking.

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Postcards to the Universe

Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art, for Fans of Law of Attraction, Manifesting, or The Secret)

Open a conversation with the world around you: We have the ability to be in open communication with the Universe, the loving energy behind all creation. But do we listen to what the Universe has to say? Do we use our own voices to speak back? Artist-photographer, popular radio host, and blogger Melisa Caprio helps us enter into deep conversation with the Universe through combining creative visualization with the power of intention.

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