A Nugget for All People – Julian Treasure

One Golden Nugget interviews (author of How to be Heard) Julian Treasure on what keeps him going when the going gets tough.

This is probably a Nugget you’ll want to come back and keep watching, over and over again. It’s little wonder Julian’s Ted Talks have been viewed now over 100million times.

About Julian
Jospeh William Foster is the creator of Reebok.
JJulian is founder and chairman of The Sound Agency, an audio branding consultancy that asks and answers the question: “How does your brand sound?”. Julian is author of the books Sound Business and How to be Heard. Collectively Julian’s five TED.com talks on sound and communication have been viewed over 100 million times; one of them is in the top 10 TED talks of all time.

How to be Heard

Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening (Communication Skills Book, For Fans of Speak With No Fear)

Transform your communication skills. Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? Renowned five-time TED Talks speaker and author Julian Treasure reveals how to speak so that people listen–and how to listen so that people feel heard. As this leading sound expert demonstrates via interviews with world-class speakers, professional performers and CEOs atop their field, the secret lies in developing simple habits that can transform your communication skills, the quality of your relationships and your impact in the world.

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