A State of Rebellion and Survival of the Fittest

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A function that humans have that most animals in the wild do not have is the psychological emotion tied to every action, and the free will choices we make rather than only relying  on instincts ruling our survival. Humans possess many cognitive functions that most animals don’t have or use. Our language capacities and our reasoning skills are a great asset. Where I find a disconnect is between our abilities, rights, and liberties versus the care and safety of all humans.

For example, we do not like to be told what to do. As a child we rely on our caregivers to tell, show, and provide for every action. Our baby minds are learning at a rate so fast that computers cannot keep up. When we insert free will, we learn to take ownership of our choices. We adore our free will. We defend our free will, sometimes to the point of rebellion. This can be good for us and others, or not so good.

Let us look at the current climate with the Covid 19 pandemic. At first, we were frightened for our lives and those we love. We listened to the intellect of the CDC, the WHO, and our local health experts. We stayed at home for months and got creative with our shelter in place. As restrictions were lifted in cities and states little by little, we found a freedom in going outdoors. We were told multiple times by the media and our leaders to wear a mask every time we leave the home. This is not only for shopping for necessities, but also when exercising in area where we do not live with others passing by. Some states were stricter than others, but our empathy and compassion for other humans led us to comply.

Here we are, almost a half year before the shelter in place began. Folks are literally feeling rebellious and are taking their masks down or not bringing them with them outside the home. “How dare you to take away my free will?” That is the sentiment. “I am not listening to the authorities.” “You are not my mother, you cannot tell me what to do all of the time!” “Do we have a problem listening to the authorities? Is this a habit that goes back to our time of establishing out independence as a child?

​When kids and teens “act out” it is because they are stretching the invisible ties (umbilical cords) to the caregivers. As adults we are supposed to be role models and not “act out.” We already have established our independent spirits and personalities. The governor of California at this time, Gavin Newsom, calls the youth who do not wear masks and wash hands frequently, the “invincible youth.” He is frustrated. I am frustrated. A lot of folks in their 40s, 50s, and beyond are frustrated, but understand it is a state of natural rebellion occurring. 

Data does not lie. If we do not release our personal will to the level of honoring guidelines, we will fall under the natural selection of survival of the fittest. Only the strongest humans will survive this pandemic, as history repeats itself. In the early 1900s folks wore masks for a couple of years. That is how they flattened the curve of illnesses and death.

So one again, with this understanding of the human spirit and intellect, I am encouraging my tribe to be flexible and adapt. The virus doesn’t seem to be paying by the rules.

With love and empathy,
KJ Landis
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