Ah-ha Moments, Quotes that Speak to Me

KJ Landis, author of Happy Healthy You, has written a blog post where she celebrates quotes that resonate with her and give her those much needed “ah-ha” moments.


Ah-ha Moments, Quotes that Speak to Me

We all have a-ha moments throughout our lives, every day even, if we slow down long enough to acknowledge them. Igniting that spark of a deeper understanding of who we ultimately are may come from a book, a teacher, a friend, a family member, a poster on the side of a bus stop, a movie, a song, or a speech. Reaching down into our own hearts and into the hearts of others may come from something large or small, ordinary or extraordinary. The knock of the invisible hand on the door of knowledge, and appreciation of our existence does not discriminate. Are you awake to change? I am, now, but I wasn’t always.
I was stubborn and closed minded to miracles for many years, even as they were happening right in front of me. I rationalized and gave excuses for the miracles, the coincidences. I placed everything into its little box, into its imaginary set of drawers in my organized mind.
Losing weight so rapidly without being ill raised not only my eyebrows, but everybody in my home, family, and work community was astounded. As I finished my journey of fat and weight loss, another journey of discovery began. I began vigorously researching cutting edge health and fitness information. Suddenly my spiritual awakening was rapidly expanding in tiny movements, daily. I found words of wisdom speaking directly to me from multiple sources all of the time. They were probably there all along, but now I was awake and ready to fully receive the gifts.
Here are some words of wisdom, stories, thoughts, and quotes bestowed upon me, and how they relate to the challenges of health and vitality. They spoke to me in other ways too, in my big life goals. My desire is that as you read this chapter you will develop a sense of awareness and sensitivity to the events happening around you daily. Think about how they can inspire and provide insight into you becoming the better version of you, for now. Then, tomorrow, you get to do it all over again! How lucky and blessed we are!
“Overlooking is better than not looking at all.”
~Elton Thanh
Elton is a server with me at the restaurant where we work. We were busy one night, and as I was setting up a table for a large group, I overlooked a dirty glass. I thought I was perfectly prepared. Elton noticed the dirty glass and replaced it. I told him that I must have overlooked it. That’s when he said the quote.
To me, this means that we humans do the best we can, we give our best preparation, and still we may overlook something and make a mistake. If I had never done the work in the first place, and was not lucky to have a partner who cared enough to help check that everything was in its place, we both would have missed it. His quote means he cared.
Care enough about your health goals to make a plan, a list, shop smart, and hold yourself responsible and accountable. Still, mistakes may be made, but far less than if you did not care. Elicit support, and seek checks and balances from those around you who also care deeply about your goals. More eyes on the prize…
“If I am not for myself, then who is for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I?”
To me, this quote means toot your own horn! Be proud of every little step made in the direction of your goal. Don’t be humble to the point of putting yourself down or belittling your accomplishments. It also means that we should spread the word, spread the love, and not be selfish with what we discover along the way. Spread your passions, and pay it forward.
“The waves, the waves, occurring and occurring…
Threaten to drown me, until I realize that I…am…the…ocean.”
~Scott McInnes
This short poem came from my husband’s college roommate. It describes how humans can get caught up and snagged in the little things, and we then disregard the bigger picture. Small errors in the healthy new protocol we have chosen may be disregarded because in the bigger picture, we are mostly there and moving forward. We are all particles of something bigger and unifying in nature.
“Even a broken clock gives the correct time twice a day.”
~Joe Rogan podcast
This hilarious quote is saying that even if something is bad, it has the capability to give something good and right some of the time. If I know the information someone is giving me is 100% wrong, but they are sharing from their heart, I can keep my mouth shut long enough to acknowledge their choice to give freely. I am grateful for that moment of connection.
“The path with heart does not make you work at liking it.”
~T. Von Jones
When something feels right there is a certain flow, with much less tension and rough spots. There is less grating on the nerves all of the time. When we fall in love with the right person for us right now, or when we eat in a healing manner now, it is easier to navigate through life, and it continues to get easier day by day. When you know, you know.
“Compassionate capitalism.”
~Carl McCarden
There is a way to be a money maker in our world and still take care of people’s hearts. There is a way to eat abundantly and enjoy treats without sabotaging your own greater good.
“Risk little, win little.”
~KJ Landis
Don’t cling to fear. Sometimes in life we must take a risk in order to grow. The rewards may be great or small, but we will never find out if we don’t take chances.
“We are living life out of sequence.”
~T. Von Jones
One warm evening in San Francisco, my husband and I were out to dinner. My husband ordered dessert first. I looked at him and exclaimed, “We are eating dinner out of sequence!” He had a wide grin on his face when he said that we were living life out of sequence.
To me, this means we can shake it up! We don’t have to stick to the normal status quo in our daily lives. When we do something unexpected, no matter how small, it creates a rush of energy throughout our minds and bodies. Our heart rate increases, and we get happy! This also can help us see things from another person’s point of view.
“If you don’t have the courage to say something, have the courage to leave the room.”
~Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou was a guest speaker at my church the day my son was baptized. She led the sermon that day. She was talking about racial and social justice. Some people just aren’t comfortable with confrontation. Her message was that if something really is at odds with your soul and you can’t speak up, then your statement will be heard loud and clear when you stand up and leave the room.
The same goes for our well meaning friends that sometimes attempt to sabotage our new healthy goals. Which is it, support or sabotage? They say they support us, but continue to bring chips, cakes, cookies, pies, fast foods, etc. to the office or to pot luck parties. On birthdays, they are the ones who bring sweets and alcohol even though they know you are on a different track now. “Just this once, you deserve it! You’ve been doing so well and look good now!”
My point exactly. If we aren’t done with our weight loss journey yet and don’t want to lecture the friends again and again, LEAVE THE ROOM. You will empower yourself by doing so. Do not let others dictate who you are. You know who you are and you know the road you are on. 

Blessings on your journey,
KJ Landis

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