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Allen Klein, author of Embracing Life After Loss, has been featured in an article for Human Window on what to say to someone who is grieving, take a look.

What To Say To Someone Who Is Grieving (Advice From 6 Experts)

By Martin Caparrotta

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what to say to someone who has recently lost a loved one.

We asked a selected group of experts about what to say to someone who is grieving.

Here’s what they said.

Most Of All, Be There For Them

Allen Klein, Author of Embracing Life After Loss

Before addressing what to say to someone who is grieving, one thing you should not say is, “I know how you must be feeling.”

Even though you may have lost someone in the past, you can’t really know how someone else is feeling in their loss.

Each circumstance is different, each person handles a loss in a different way.

In one case, it might be a relief if the deceased had lived a long life and is no longer suffering after years of pain.

On the other hand, the situation might be totally different if the deceased was young or the death sudden.

In addition, because Covid, the person grieving may not have been able to be with their loved one while they were ill or when they passed. It may have not been possible to have the customary funeral, burial, or celebration of life memorial service.

The best one can do for someone who is grieving is to listen to what they are saying and acknowledge their pain.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, this must be extremely difficult for you.”

Then, just be a good ear for them as they vent their feelings. If laughter comes up, laugh with them. If tears come up, cry with them. But most of all, just be there for them.

Embracing Life After Loss by Allen Klein

Embracing Life After Loss

A Gentle Guide for Growing through Grief

Work through the depression of grief and loss with resilience: Losing a loved one is never easy. Allen Klein knows how it feels—just like you, he’s lost many loved ones in his life. Inspired by Klein’s experience with the loss of his wife, Embracing Life after Loss will help you to recover from grief and loss—just like Klein did.

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