Allen Klein Featured in Article for Up Journey

Allen Klein, author of Embracing Life After Loss, was quoted in an article for Up Journey on what to say to someone who is nearing the end of their life.

What to Say to Someone Who Is Dying?

Allen Klein, MA, CSP

Allen Klein

Author, “Embracing Life After Loss”

As a former hospice volunteer, I’ve been around a number of dying people. Since I never knew what the situation might be like when I entered a dying patient’s home, there were a few things I did that helped me adjust to the circumstance, including what to say.

I centered myself with a few minutes of meditation. Before entering a patient’s room, I breathed in peace and exhaled any tension I might be having. I also made sure I had a slight smile on my face.

Be present and listen

Then when I was at a patient’s bedside, I listened to what they saying. If they just talked about the weather, then I could ask where they grew up and what the weather was like there. If they wanted to talk about deeper things like death, then I’d ask them their thoughts on the subject.

The bottom line is, listen to the patient, they will tell you what to say.

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Embracing Life After Loss by Allen Klein

Embracing Life After Loss

A Gentle Guide for Growing through Grief

Work through the depression of grief and loss with resilience: Losing a loved one is never easy. Allen Klein knows how it feels—just like you, he’s lost many loved ones in his life. Inspired by Klein’s experience with the loss of his wife, Embracing Life after Loss will help you to recover from grief and loss—just like Klein did.

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