Apply Facts, Don’t Just Memorize Them

Christie Barnes (author of What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions is here to help you- parent and teen- plan for college.

Great universities’ libraries and specialized research gave their students the edge. Now, knowledge can be accessed through any phone—einterpreting and applying ever changing knowledge to innovate is more important than knowing special information others don’t have access to. You’ll want a specialized college for grad work, but at the undergrad level, application of the newest knowledge can be learned at any college, community college or even in certification programs depending on the field.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions

How to Prepare Your Child to Succeed in College and Life─With a Step-by-Step

College planning re-examined. All economic levels are getting vastly incorrect information for college and career planning, leading to anxiety-ridden youth and crippling student debt. Less affluent students are being led to more expensive options and high achievers feel compelled to apply for college at the most prestigious institutions. But, whether it’s a state school, safety school, or public school―there are other options beside an overpriced private school. It could be, but it might not be.

A guidance counselor for parents. Learn that it’s not just about the “right” college, it’s about the “right fit” college. Using statistics, experts, and multi-factor analysis to clarify what should and should not be a worry in college planning, Barnes helps parents identify better, and often overlooked, options. In this guide, she dissects the top ten parental worries about  how to get into college, including college applications, college admissions, college requirements, and college acceptance.

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