Aquamarine—Seawater Stone

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of The Magic of Crystals and Gems) marvels in wonder at the power of this blue gem.

A favorite among sailors and mariners, this stone is said to keep them safe. Aquamarine is the signifier of the oceanic divinities, sea goddesses and sirens. The Egyptians loved this gem and gifted it to the dead as part of the treasure hoard to grant them safety in the next life. They also gifted it to the gods of the netherworld as a guarantee of safe passage. Egyptian high priests wore on their shoulders two aquamarine, or shoham, as they called them, engraved with the names of the six tribes of Egypt. This sacred stone was also one of the twelve sanctified gems used in the breastplate of the biblical King Solomon. Today, aquamarine can be a boon to a couple, as it helps maintain a long and happy marriage. And it defends against the devil! The sun is the nemesis of the blue gem because the color of the aquamarine fades if overexposed to sunlight.

The magic of crystals and gems

Unlocking the Supernatural Power of Stones (Healing Gemstones and Crystals)

Practice Practical Magic: Did you know that wearing an amulet of green jade on an interview will help get the job? Have you heard that an amethyst ring can help break bad habits and even encourage sobriety? Anyone looking for love can place two pink quartz crystals in the bedroom; you’ll not be alone for long! These are just a few of the hundreds of secrets shared in The Magic of Crystals and Gems. Semi-precious stones and gems have long been known for their magic as well as their beauty. In this book of charms, readers learn everything there is to know about the powers of crystals from birthstone magic to gem divination to jewelry spells. This is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening book that will appeal to everyone who’s ever worn a birthstone, kissed the ring of a lover for luck, or bought a crystal for good energy.

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