Are Guardian Angels Real?

Happy Healthy You author KJ Landis has written a new blog post on the idea of guardian angles and if she believes they are real, take a look.

When I first moved to Los Angeles years ago, I went to the gym at all times of the day or night, depending upon my schedule. One evening I dreamed that I had a guardian angel named Tara. When I woke up I wrote the name down. Then I asked God for confirmation of this. The next day I went to the gym at night for a late workout. At 11:55PM, a woman came in and sat down on the floor next to me and began doing sit ups. The gym closed at midnight so I was surprised that anyone would opt to come in a few minutes before closing. She introduced herself to the man across from us, casually stating, ” Hi! I’m Tara. I just moved here from Ohio and I am a nurse.”

Well…that was the confirmation I asked God for earlier. Later on in my life, I learned that Tara is part of the Hindu and Buddhist cultures since the 6th century. Tara is Tibet’s most beloved deity. In the Sanskrit language, Tara means “one who liberates.” Tara is seen as the female manifestation of enlightenment, the Mother of all Buddhas. she is seen as a helper to those wanting to reach enlightenment, a Bodhisattva. 

The myths explain that she was a normal woman on her path with her meditation practice. A male monk told her that she would have to  be reborn as a male in order to be enlightened. Her response? “There is no ma, no woman, no self, no person, no consciousness.” She did attain enlightenment in her lifetime and became a champion of women everywhere. Her work on earth after that experience with the male monk was to help others, encouraging them to overcome social injustices, prejudices, inequalities, and general discouragement. She was perhaps the first feminist!

I believe we do have guardian angels, even if our dreams and prayers are pointing us in the direction of learning about things we never thought about before. As our elders who have passed away still give us wisdoms from beyond the abyss, our guardian angels are helping us on our path of life too.

KJ Landis

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