Are You Owning Your Online Life?

Andrea Isabelle Lucas (author of Own It All) has a few policies to go by when it comes to building relationships and communicating online.

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The last few years have redefined how we foster and maintain relationships as we shifted into a virtual way of communicating. Many of us have a love-hate relationship with the internet, email and social media, and 2020 and 2021 may have put that to the test.

When it comes to building relationships and communicating online, I have a few policies I go by. Today I want to dig in on three of them. Here’s three tips for making the most out of communication overload:

1. Be discerning. Emails, Zoom coffee chats, private Facebook group requests…the list goes on. It’s easy to feel inundated with requests to be online and contribute more. Part of building strong relationships – online and offline – is saying yes when you mean it, and no when you mean it, too.

2.Be truthful. No matter your platform or medium, say what you actually feel and believe. Double check facts before sharing news or data. The internet is saturated with constant news updates. Commit to spreading truth instead of misinformation.

3. Set reasonable limits. The double-edged sword of the internet is that it is accessible 24/7. It can also be a total time warp. In a time of remote working and virtual happy hours, it can feel hard to log off. A great tool I use is called Leechblock. You select a website and a target time limit to spend on that website. Once that time is up, the site is blocked for the day and you can’t log in until the next day. The tough love we need sometimes.

Send me a DM and tell me what balance looks like for you. I’d love to share with others, you can remain anonymous!

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own it all

How to Stop Waiting for Change and Start Creating It. Because Your Life Belongs to You.

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