Authentic Power, Dealing With Anxiety & Choosing Peace

M.J. Fievre (author of Badass Black Girl) talks about black women speaking their truth and how they unprogram from society’s mindset.

Bag Talk Session with the lovely opportunity to tap into our bad ass energy with MJ Fievre become a bestselling author with my book series Badass Black Girl, which addresses issues of concern for Black girls and young women. The seminal title, Badass Black Girl, released in 2020, has reached the top-ten bestselling spot in three categories on Amazon’s rankings for the U.S. and the U.K. Empowered Black Girl (2021) raises awareness and provides insight on issues Black girls and women encounter in society while empowering them to take action through self-discovery and activism.

The long-time educator and teach college courses. MJ is a keynote speaker at several colleges and universities, including Tufts University, Massachusetts; Howard University, Washington, D.C.; the University of Miami, Florida; and Michael College, Vermont. Also acquisitions editor for Mango Publishing, and also a program coordinator and online content creator for the Miami Book Fair. In addition, A entrepreneur with a successful company focused on art and letters.

Badass Black Girl by MJ Fievre

badass black girl

Questions, Quotes, and Affirmations for Teens

Explore the many facets of your identity through hundreds of big and small questions. In this journal designed for teenage Black girls, MJ Fievre tackles topics such as family and friends, school and careers, body image, and stereotypes. By reflecting on these topics, you will confront the issues that can hold you back from living your best life and discovering your Black girl bliss.

Embrace authenticity and celebrate who you are. Finding the courage to live as you are is not easy, so here’s a journal designed to help you nurture creativity, positive self-awareness and Black girl bliss. This journal honors the strength and spirit of Black girls.

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