Author Jenny Block: “Seeing Light at the End of the Tunnel”

New interview with “Be That Unicorn” author Jenny Block.

Tune out the noise. There is a lot of misinformation going around. There is a lot of information going around. Get the info you need for your own safety and survival, vet your sources, and tune out the rest. One of the best ways to support others is by helping them sort through the noise. No amount of essential oils or vitamins or wishes will fix this. But the truth will.

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Be That Unicorn by Jenny Block

Be That Unicorn

Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine

Being a unicorn means being the magnetic person that everyone in the room is drawn to. It means being honest and true to yourself every day, no matter what. When you are really, really good at being yourself, you’ll make other people feel really, really good about themselves, too. In Be That Unicorn, Jenny Block, author of several best sellers for women, shows you how to stop putting yourself down and start finding your magic.

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