Mango’s Back to School Reading List

Mango's Back To School Reading List

Books on How to Stay Focused 

The high school fall semester is upon us, make it the best one yet by reading our books on How to Stay Focused, part of Mango’s Back to School Reading List.

Motivational Books for Teen Athletes

The new school is here, and if you are a student athlete that means making time for practice, homework, family, and friends. Mango has a great reading list to help teen athletes perform like star athletes on and off the field. 

How to Get Organized for School

A new school year is a new opportunity to get organized. Mango has the best collection of books on how to get organized for school.

Plan and Organize Your Life by Beatrice Naujalyte cover
Plan and Organize Your Life
Beatrice Naujalyte
The Declutter Challenge by Cassandra Aarssen cover
The Declutter Challenge
Cassandra Aarssen
Listful Living by Paula Rizzo cover
Listful Living
Paula Rizzo
Time Management Ninja by Craig Jarrow cover
Time Management
Craig Jarrow

How to Succeed in College

Whether you are applying to your dream school, and a few safeties, headed to the dorms for your freshman year of college, or returning to university for your last semester of undergrad, Mango’s Back to School Reading List is the best collection of books for the college bound on how to succeed in college.

The College Bound Planner by Anna Costaras & Gail Liss cover
The College Bound Planner
Anna Costaras & Gail Liss
The 7 Habits on the Go by Stephen R. Covey cover
The 7 Habits On The Go
Stephen R. Covey
Flavcity's 5 Ingredient Meals by Bobby Parrish & Dessi Parrish cover
Flavcity’s 5 ingredient Meals
Bobby Parrish & Dessi Parrish
The Checklist Book by Alexandra Franzen cover
The Checklist Book
Alexandra Franzen

Involved Parenting

Keep Calm and Parent On. With a new school year fast approaching, Mango has the perfect collection of books to help anxious parents become involved parents as their kids return to class.