Blanket the World With Love

Brenda Knight (author of Random Acts of Kindness) says you can cover the world with your love and good intentions by collecting blankets for donation.

    Do you remember Linus of the venerated Peanuts cartoon? His love for his blanket shows how universal that love for just the right soft cloth can be. My mom and aunts are amazing quilters. They can seemingly take anything and make a gorgeous, collectible quilt from it. Even if you, like me, lack that “quilting gene,” you can blanket the world with your love and good intentions by collecting them for donation. I put a call out and got a ton of nice comforters to donate to Project Linus, at This nurturing organization sends cozy quilts and oh-so-warm blankets to kids in shelters, hospices, hospitals, and wherever the cloaking comfort of love might be needed. My mom recently made a quilt of some of my crazy outfits from the eighties, so I can only hope that the beneficiaries of Project Linus have a good sense of humor and a love of neon colors!

Random Acts of Kindness

365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Goodness

The change you want to see in the world. This good-humored guide to being the change you want to see in the world is filled with suggestions for making a real difference, in ways both large and small. From improving someone’s life with just one penny to ensuring all children are well fed, the day-by-day positive proposals of Random Acts of Kindness combine inspiration with action. Despite the hurly-burly of our busy lives, we can all make a beneficial impact on the environment, throughout out local community, and within our own hearts. This book of inspired ideas and good deeds conveys how “the power of one”―that is, you―can make a better world, starting today!

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