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The Amoeba Sisters’ Cartoon Guide to Biology

By Sarina Peterson, Brianna Rapini

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Fun Biology Topics You Should Know

Explore the wonders of biology inside and outside of the classroom with The Amoeba Sisters’ Cartoon Guide to Biology.  

Science facts made easy. For many students, biology can be a difficult subject to understand. That’s why you need the right materials that will change the way your teen views science forever. From the creators of the popular YouTube channel The Amoeba Sisters comes a visual learning book that combines educational with entertaining to create impactful lessons. Covering 24 major biology subjects through gorgeous illustrations, memorable facts, and light-hearted humor, The Amoeba Sisters’ Cartoon Guide to Biology will have you and your teen thinking like biologists.

Amazing discoveries for all ages to enjoy. The Amoeba Sisters’ Cartoon Guide to Biology explores complex biology topics at a high school level, but students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this study prep. Parents, teachers, and other curious minds can uncover biological structures and functions happening around us every day, and how they can affect you. So instead of looking through a biology textbook, you can uncover so much about the world and the science behind it with this fun, engaging book.

Follow the Amoeba Sisters as they recap fantastic science facts such as:

  • The biggest discoveries in biology
  • Illustrations explaining microscopic processes and systems
  • Real-world examples of biology’s craziest moments
  • Testing ideas for you to try at home and school

So if you enjoy teen and kid science books such as Physics for Curious Kids, Awesome Facts That Will Make You Look Super Smart, or Noah’s Fascinating World of STEAM Experiments, then you’ll love The Amoeba Sisters’ Cartoon Guide to Biology.

Product Details

PublishedJuly 30, 2024
Extent208 pages

About the Authors

Sarina Peterson is a cartoonist, researcher, and content creator known for co-running the popular science channel, The Amoeba Sisters. After graduating with a master’s in public policy analysis, she worked as a research assistant and program analyst for several institutions across the Dallas and Houston areas. In 2013, she and her sister Brianna started The Amoeba Sisters’ channel as the primary animator to help teachers and students see science from a fresh, entertaining perspective. Soon, Sarina opened up their LLC in 2016 with over two million subscribers by 2024. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and is excited about their debut book, The Amoeba Sisters’ Cartoon Guide to Biology: Science Simplified.

Brianna Rapini is an online creator, educator, and social media personality known for being the co-creator of The Amoeba Sisters YouTube channel. Growing up, Brianna had always loved science, leading to her getting her degree and teaching license in biology. However, she found that many resources didn’t impact her students’ education. So, in 2013, she started The Amoeba Sisters with her sister Sarina to make biology easier to understand while still engaging students. Brianna has gone on to work with several schools to create curriculum content, making her and Sarina’s YouTube videos an effective learning resource. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and works at The Amoeba Sisters full-time.