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Dino Dana

Dino Field Guide Volume 1

By J.J. Johnson, Colleen Russo Johnson, Christin Simms

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A Dino Dana Field Guide of Dinosaurs for Kids (Ages 8-12)

“This field guide is great for new and old dinosaur lovers. It alphabetically introduces dinosaurs and information about when and where they lived along with other tidbits about them. It is good for fun reading and can be used in homeschooling.” ―JustaBXMom

Nominated for Four Daytime Emmy® Awards
#1 Bestseller in Children’s Fossil Books

Fun facts about dinosaurs for kids. Did you know that the brachiosaurus was the tallest dinosaur that we know of today? That the kosmoceratops had fifteen horns and hooks on its head? That the spinosaurus is the only known dinosaur to spend most of its time swimming? Discover this and much more in Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide.

Dino Dana’s field guide for your child. Fans of the Amazon Prime TV show Dino Dana will be so excited to have a Dino Field Guide of their own, put together by the incredible show’s creator and executive producer, J. J. Johnson. Full of colorful illustrations and fascinating science facts, this dinosaur book is sure to amaze any young dino enthusiast.

A great science book for kids. This book for children is perfect for any kid who likes history and science. In the Dino Dana field guide, your kids learn:

  • Which time period each dinosaur lived in
  • How big the dinosaurs were
  • What kinds of things dinosaurs ate and did each day
  • And so much more

Kids who like cool dinosaur books like Dinosaurs, National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs, The Big Book of Dinosaurs, or The Dinosaur Book will love Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide.

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PublishedMay 19, 2020
Extent230 pages

About the Authors

Donna Ashworth

J.J. Johnson

J.J. Johnson is the creative force and founding partner of Sinking Ship Entertainment. He is a four-time Emmy-winning executive producer, three-time Emmy-winning director, CSA and WGC award-winning writer, and best-selling author. J.J. has created over 17 series including Dino Dana and Annedroids (Amazon Prime), Endlings (Hulu), and the Ghostwriter reboot (AppleTV+). Most recently he created Lockdown (YouTube Originals), a teen mystery series which was shot exclusively on webcams and cell phones during the Covid-19 crisis. Upcoming originals include Jane (AppleTV+), an environmental action-adventure series produced alongside the Jane Goodall Institute. J.J. actively lends his perspective within the media industry, academia, and beyond. He has co-authored multiple academic papers, and has been a guest speaker at organizations such as the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the International Communication Association, and the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. He is also the co-chair of the Youth Media Alliance.

Colleen Russo Johnson

Dr. Colleen Russo Johnson is a developmental psychologist with an expertise in children’s media, technology, learning, and play.

Dr. Russo Johnson is the Co-founder and Chief Scientist of The OK Company, makers of the “OK Play” app. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at Ryerson University, the Co-Director of the Ryerson Children’s Media Lab, and a senior scholar for UCLA’s Center for Scholars and Storytellers. She is the senior research advisor to Sinking Ship Entertainment, and co-author of the bestselling children’s book, “Dino Dana’s Field Guide”.

She is the proud mom to Ripley (age 3) and Rex (age 2), as well as two large, energetic dogs!

Christin Simms

Christin Simms is an Emmy Award-winning producer and Emmy nominated writer. She has written and executive produced multiple exceptional kids and family programs for Sinking Ship Entertainment including Dino Dana and Annedroids (Amazon Prime), Endlings (Hulu), the Ghostwriter reboot (AppleTV+), and most recently Lockdown (YouTube Originals). Christin’s talents and contribution to the industry have been awarded with two Canadian Screen Awards, two Canadian Screenwriting Awards, and the Youth Media Alliance’s Emerging Talent Award. She was named one of Playback Magazine’s Top Ten to Watch, and has recently become a best-selling author.