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FlavCity’s 5 Ingredient Meals

50 Easy & Tasty Recipes Using the Best Ingredients from the Grocery Store (Heart Healthy Budget Cooking)

By Bobby Parrish, Dessi Parrish

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FlavCity Five Ingredient Meals For Easy Weeknight Dinners and More!

#1 Bestseller in Slow Cooker Recipes, Heart Healthy Cooking, Diets & Weight Loss, Gluten-Free Diets, Budget Cooking, Green Housekeeping, and Allergies, Special Conditions, Cooking Methods, Regional & International, Soul Food, and Quick & Easy

You don’t have to be a chef to create delicious food. In fact, it only takes a handful of ingredients to make mouthwatering and easy weeknight dinners. This cookbook by Bobby and Dessi Parrish is packed full of simple, healthy dinner ideas that even newbie cooks find easy to make.

An introduction to easy meals and cooking. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Food Network champion Bobby Parrish shares the ins and outs of their 5-ingredient meals and assures us his quick and easy dinner recipes are doable for all. By keeping the recipes to five ingredients, Bobby demonstrates just how easy cooking can be. From savory snacks to easy weeknight dinners packed with flavor, this easy (and healthy!) recipe book is just what your kitchen needs. But Bobby and Dessi’s tips don’t stop there―they know that a key aspect of these simple healthy recipes is the prep work at the grocery store beforehand.

Hacks for smarter grocery shopping. Going to the grocery store can be a bit overwhelming, especially if your list is long! Fortunately, these five-ingredient recipes make grocery shopping and picking the right ingredients for easy weeknight dinners far less daunting. But smarter grocery shopping is about more than what’s on your list. It’s about knowing how to pick the “best in class” products. 

Inside find:

  • 50 easy healthy meals that only take five ingredients
  • Advice for cooking with a combination of store-bought and fresh items
  • Essential insight into smarter grocery shopping

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PublishedDecember 1, 2020
Hard Cover9781642504842
Extent208 pages

About the Author

Donna Ashworth

Bobby Parrish

Bobby Parrish is creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity, where he shares his healthy and creative meal prep recipes with home cooks from around the world. Bobby is a self taught home cook who learned to cook from his mom, but that has not stopped him from winning cooking competitions, being featured on the Food Network, Rachael Ray Show, and more. Bobby and his wife Dessi started FlavCity as a passion project a few years back. As their brand began to take off, both quit their day jobs to focus on FlavCity full time. They now have a following of over 1 million fellow home cooks, and you can find daily recipes and content on YouTube, social media, and the FlavCity.com blog.

Donna Ashworth

Dessi Parrish

Dessi Parrish is a co-creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity, where she and her husband Bobby Parrish share creative healthy recipes on a weekly basis. While Bobby is typically in front of the camera, Dessi does most of production, filming, editing, and photography. She styled and photographed all recipes for the Keto Meal Prep book. FlavCity started as a passion project for both of them, and Dessi continued working in the corporate world as a Project Manager for a while, until they decided it’s time to focus full time on FlavCity. That’s when things really took off, and now their FlavCity brand has over a million followers around the world across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and blog. Dessi’s other passion is painting, you can find her art on DessiArt.com.