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Flavor Lab Creations

A Physicist’s Guide to Unique Drink Recipes (The Science of Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages, Coffee and Tea) 

By Logan Richardson

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Discover the Science of Unique Drinks with this Mixologist Guide

Are you a novice mixologist? Are you a soda lover, or a connoisseur of unique alcoholic drinks? Would you like to know the science behind your favorite cocktail, mocktail, or coffee drinks? Well, this is the cocktail recipe book for you!

Find your next favorite drink. In, Flavor Lab Creations Logan Richardson, the creator of Flavor Lab, combines cooking with science in a fun and accessible way. Richardson takes a mixologist approach and shares detailed recipes with scientific facts. This book explains the origins of unique drinks and the yummy nontraditional ingredients.

A mixologist guide to drinks from cocktails to strawberry milkshakes. Flavor Lab Creations goes beyond the simple spirit and mixed drinks options, Richardson takes us directly to unique options like a soda drink called Oleo Saccharum and a fermented cocoa bean chocolate tea. 

Inside Flavor Lab Creations, you’ll find: 

  • Curious drinks such as the Viking Blaand 
  • Mixologist recipes in this coffee and cocktail cookbook
  • Scientifically fun approaches to unique drinks and alcoholic drinks

If you enjoyed books like Cocktails Made SimpleMocktail Party, or The Coffee Recipe Book you’ll love Flavor Lab Creations.

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PublishedJune 25, 2024
Extent256 pages

About the Author

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Logan Richardson

Dr. Logan Richardson is a physicist currently working in a research lab, specializing in the areas of gravitation and atom optics. He also loves food, cooking, and experimenting. He is the creator and host of Flavor Lab. It started as a hobby when he was getting a PhD in Hannover, Germany, during which time he got to experience a different world of living and eating. He now lives in the United States.