Wild Hope by Donna Ashworth (cover)

I Wish I Knew

Words to Comfort and Strengthen Your Soul

By Donna Ashworth

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Uplifting Poetry for Finding Yourself

#1 New Release in Poetry

Challenge negativity with Donna Ashworth’s incredible poems about joy, transformation, and embracing your beautiful pathway.

Change your life with words of wisdom. Feeling lost in life can be so easy to fall into, yet harder to escape. Instead of listening to self-doubt, discover how one-of-a-kind you are through Donna Ashworth’s life-changing book. I Wish I Knew is a poetry book full of mantras, reflections, and affirmations for women that will redefine the chaos in your life into life-changing revelations. With this poetry book, featuring hopeful truths that will strengthen your heart, mind, and soul, you’ll be able to experience your journey with meaning and gratitude.

Life isn’t perfect, so why let perfectionism take over yours? Follow Donna Ashworth as she shines a light on her journey of taking chances instead of stagnating in expectations and hopelessness. Each poem explores the transformative lessons she discovered along the way, and how doubting your potential for happiness can stop you from finding yourself. Full of beautiful, compassionate poetry, this manual for life offers you methods to persevere through pressure and make the most out of the one-of-a-kind path you are on.

There is something for everyone inside I Wish I Knew, such as:

  • The healing power of accepting small wins
  • The rare moments of your inner strength that often go unnoticed
  • The simplicity that unveils what you’re looking for

So if you enjoyed poem books such as Call Us What You CarryYou Could Make This Place Beautiful, or Wild Hope, then you’ll love I Wish I Knew.

Product Details

PublishedMay 7, 2024
Extent192 pages

About the Author

Donna Ashworth

Donna Ashworth

Donna Ashworth is a twice Sunday Times Bestselling Poet, whose words you will often find flying around the internet, widely shared daily, by her 1.4 million followers.

Donna’s writing came to spotlight during the lockdown period where she saw her purpose as building a place to find hope, calm and comfort, amidst the collective chaos. She quickly became an internet favourite with one viral post after another and a list of celebrity endorsements.

Having published 7 books since; 3 ‘self-published’ successful titles and 4 with Bonnier Books/Black & White publishing; her newest collection of words ‘WILD HOPE’ is being received just as warmly with beaming reviews flooding in.

Priding herself on being ‘imperfectly human’ and ‘sharing the dark with the light to harness hope’, Donna engages constantly with her followers in a bid to find comfort in numbers as we ‘walk each other home’ on this journey of life.

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