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I’m Not Yelling

A Black Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Workplace (Successful Black Business Women)

By Elizabeth Leiba

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Strategies to Help Blackwomen Succeed in the Corporate Workplace Culture

“What a gift to Black women in the workplace!…For those committed to challenging stereotypes and enhancing workplace inclusion, this book is a must-read.” —Dana Brownlee, Forbes Careers senior contributor

#1 Best Seller in Women & Business and Business Etiquette

I’m Not Yelling is a strategy guide empowering Black businesswomen to combat workplace discrimination, redefine workplace culture, and find their voices in toxic work environments.

Navigate corporate America fearlessly. Explore the data and hear the accounts of Black women in business who face, work through, and rise above workplace discrimination. This book offers a blueprint for Black women in business to tackle a toxic work environment and assert their rightful place. Facing obstacles such as imposter syndrome and structural racism, I’m Not Yelling arms you with the knowledge and strategy needed to succeed in the face of adversity.

Become a strong Black leader and instill positive change in the workplace culture. I’m Not Yelling is your guide to understanding and implementing changes in human resource management that promote diversity and inclusion. Celebrate the significance of Black History Month, define racism in its subtle and overt forms, and emerge as a beacon of strength and resilience.

Inside discover:

  • Proven strategies to navigate a toxic work environment, enhancing your professional resilience
  • Insightful perspectives on black feminism and its role in shaping successful black businesswomen
  • Effective techniques for influencing human resource management, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • Empowering narratives on overcoming workplace discrimination

If you have read books like Black Women Will Save the World, We Should All Be MillionairesThe Light We CarryWhite Women, or Your Next Level Life, then you’ll love I’m Not Yelling.

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PublishedDecember 13, 2022
Extent216 pages

About the Author

Donna Ashworth

Elizabeth Leiba

Elizabeth Leiba is a writer, college professor, and advocate for Black business women. She has over 200,000 followers on LinkedIn who range in age, race, background, and location, and are primarily located in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Her passion for Black history changed her life and catapulted her into a fulfilling line of work as a powerful advocate of social justice and equity for Black women, especially Black business women. Elizabeth strives to create resources which support, empower, and amplify Black business women and their businesses.

She was featured in the 2020 New York Times article, “Black LinkedIn Is Thriving. Does LinkedIn Have a Problem With That?,” which highlighted her social justice advocacy work. The response to this article spurred her to launch her online, accessible e-learning platform, Black History & Culture Academy, the stunning educational resource which earned her the recognition of a LinkedIn TOP VOICE in Education in 2020.

She is also the host of Black Power Moves, a podcast on EBONY Media Covering Black America Podcast Network and is a published writer. Her most recent writing includes an Op-Ed piece on racial profiling for CNN, which had more than 2 million views on their news website.

In early 2022, Elizabeth launched her website directory, Black Women Handle Business, which is the premier website for Black women entrepreneurs and professionals to network, collaborate and share resources.