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Luna Muna: Space Café (Ages 4-8)

(Space Explorers, Aeronautics & Space, Astronomy for Kids)

By Kellie Gerardi, Allyson Wilson

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Luna Muna: Space Café (Ages 4-8)

3…2…1… Bake Sale! Luna Muna, our fearless future space explorer, takes us on another adventure with some out-of-this-world treats in the mix!

When Luna Muna’s science class hosts a bake sale fundraiser, Luna opens her very own space café. Running a bakery isn’t as easy as she expected! Just when everything is starting to look like one giant, galactic mess, Luna Muna discovers that teamwork and creativity just might be able to save the day… and the treats!

Learn about teamwork, creative thinking, space travel and space facts. Luna Muna is determined to open up her very own space café and create cosmic treats. After a series of messy mishaps, friends with helping hands save the day! Throughout her bake sale adventure, Luna Muna teaches about outer space, our solar system, space facts, and the mysteries of the universe with delicious baked treats. Luna Muna: Space Café is perfect for future space explorers, scientists, and parents looking for space books for kids. Luna Muna: Space Café is also the perfect book for 4 year olds and older who love adventure, imagination, space, science, or treats!

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A recipe for your own cosmic and delicious treat
  • A space adventure that teaches about teamwork and creativity
  • Beautiful illustrations and yummy treats
  • An early understanding of space exploration, space facts, and astronomy for kids

If you’re looking for baking books for kids, gifts for young girls or gift books for kids who love adventures among the stars and the best space books around, add this book to your list. If your child liked Busy Betty, Rylee The Young Rocketeer, or The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey Books, they’ll love Luna Muna: Space Café.

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PublishedFebruary 22, 2022
Extent32 pages

About the Author

Kellie Gerardi

Donna Ashworth

Kellie Gerardi is a payload specialist who flew to space on the Galactic 05 research mission with Virgin Galactic, during which she conducted healthcare and fluid experiments in space on behalf of the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS). Kellie is one of the first one hundred women in history to travel to space and is passionate about increasing that number for the next generation. In addition to her work in the space industry, Kellie serves on the Defense Council for the Truman National Security Project, and served on the Board of Directors for The Explorers Club, whose esteemed flag she carried during a crew rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station.

Kellie is the author of  the acclaimed children’s picture book series Luna Muna, which was flown to the International Space Station in 2023 and read from space by Commander Peggy Whitson as part of the crew’s STEM outreach activities. Kellie is a popular science communicator whose work has attracted over a million fans across social media platforms. She lives in Jupiter, Florida with her husband Steven and their daughter Delta V. You can follow her on social media @kelliegerardi