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The Simpsons Secret

A Cromulent Guide To How The Simpsons Predicted Everything!

By Lydia Hicks and James Hicks

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Have You Ever Wondered How “The Simpsons” Predict the Future?

Then, The Simpsons Secret is the book for you. Delve into some of the biggest predictions that came true on the show, and just how the Simpsons predict the future.

“Did The Simpsons really, truly predict anything? I predict you’ll have to purchase this book to get the true story.” ―Bill Oakley, Simpsons writer and producer

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Simpson predictions from three-eyed fish to presidential elections. “The Simpsons” has been predicting major events with scary accuracy for over three decades. From Donald Trump’s presidency to Disney buying 20th Century Fox (…years before it happened!). People just can’t seem to get enough and are eager to know what they are going to predict next. This book goes behind the scenes of this adored cartoon series, and the family we’ve grown to love. Between Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and the rest of the Simpsons family, the show has stolen our hearts, and also left us amazed at how often the Simpsons predict the future!

So how do they do it? Is it a crystal ball? A fountain of knowledge? Have the writers gained the ability to travel through time? As shocking as it may seem, the answer is actually a little simpler than that. The cartoon crew is not in a secret society that can see the future, nor have they mastered the art of time travel.

In The Simpsons Secret, learn more about:

  • How The Simpsons are able to predict so many major events
  • How the show writers and producers come up with these ideas
  • And so much more about your favorite old-school cartoon family

If you enjoyed books like Springfield ConfidentialThe Simpsons Family HistoryFriends Forever, or The Office, you’ll love The Simpsons Secret.

Product Details

PublishedAug 22, 2023
Extent205 pages

About the Authors

James Hicks

James Hicks holds a BA (Hons) in Media Production from the University of Lincoln. You will normally find James hidden amongst the dusty bookshelves of second-hand stores clutching a tower of hardback horror novels. He lives in Kent, England with his wife, Lydia Hicks. Together they create video essays and documentaries on pop-culture, on their YouTube Channel, The Simpsons Theory. He also wrote the book The Simpsons Secret: A Cromulent Guide to How The Simpsons Predicted Everything.

Lydia Hicks

Lydia Hicks holds a BA (Hons) in Film Theory and Practice from the University of Kent. As a former Flight Attendant, Lydia has traveled the world and has met some pretty crazy characters, from the royal family to Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas; but unfortunately no one as eclectic as the characters she writes about, The Simpsons – it seems the planes just couldn’t decide whether or not to land in Springfield Massachusetts or Springfield Illinois!

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