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The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Rose Honey Childrens’ Book)

By Bobby Parrish, Dessi Parrish

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A Kid’s Cookbook for the Kid Chefs in Your Life (Ages 3-8)

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The Flavcity duo, Dessi and Bobby Parrish and the best-selling authors of Keto Meal Prep and Flavcity’s 5 Ingredient Meals, introduce The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey!

Join Rose Honey as she bakes her favorite snacks. Follow Rose Honey as she makes her favorite chocolate chip cookies with her parents. In this adorable baking book for your little foodie, find illustrious imagery, Rose Honey’s cooking narrative, and feel-good ingredients to make the yummiest and healthiest chocolate chip cookies imaginable!

Experience cookies like never before. With almond flour, nut butters, and other fun ingredients, you and your children can turn baking cookies into a creative experience that all junior chefs will rave about.  Use this Flavcity recipe book to create dishes your child adores, and make memories on the way!

In this children’s cookbook, learn about:

  • Alternate ingredients for cookies
  • Rose Honey’s adventurous approach to cooking
  • Baking techniques from Flavcity duo Dessi and Bobby Parrish themselves
  • And so much more!

If you enjoyed children’s cookbooks like Yasmin the ChefCora Cooks Panic, or Stir Crack Whisk Bake, then you and your little one will love The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey: Flavcity Chocolate Chip Cookie Time!

Product Details

PublishedDecember 1, 2020
Hard Cover9781642507393
Extent30 pages

About the Author

Donna Ashworth

Bobby Parrish

Bobby Parrish is creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity, where he shares his healthy and creative meal prep recipes with home cooks from around the world. Bobby is a self taught home cook who learned to cook from his mom, but that has not stopped him from winning cooking competitions, being featured on the Food Network, Rachael Ray Show, and more. Bobby and his wife Dessi started FlavCity as a passion project a few years back. As their brand began to take off, both quit their day jobs to focus on FlavCity full time. They now have a following of over 1 million fellow home cooks, and you can find daily recipes and content on YouTube, social media, and the FlavCity.com blog.

Donna Ashworth

Dessi Parrish

Dessi Parrish is a co-creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity, where she and her husband Bobby Parrish share creative healthy recipes on a weekly basis. While Bobby is typically in front of the camera, Dessi does most of production, filming, editing, and photography. She styled and photographed all recipes for the Keto Meal Prep book. FlavCity started as a passion project for both of them, and Dessi continued working in the corporate world as a Project Manager for a while, until they decided it’s time to focus full time on FlavCity. That’s when things really took off, and now their FlavCity brand has over a million followers around the world across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and blog. Dessi’s other passion is painting, you can find her art on DessiArt.com.