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Treasure Book Making

Crafting Handmade Sustainable Journals (Create Diary DIYs and Papercrafts without Bookbinding Tools)

By Natasa Marinkovic

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Divine Diary DIYs for the Innovative Crafter

#1 Best Seller in Book Making & Binding and Scrapbooking

With journal making projects, book binding techniques, and journal prompts, this Treasure Book Making guide has everything you need. Get ready to create personal journals by hand easily—without any extra book-binding tools!

An affordable craft. Hobbies tend to require a big investment, but Author Natasa Marinkovic, creator of popular YouTube channel Treasure Books, focuses on upcycling the available materials around us. Learn how to make beautiful journals—without purchasing book-binding tools, use what you have! With the things you have at home, create projects that are both useful and beautiful. 

Fall into the world of book binding. This junk-journaling-how-to gives readers all of the details on how to make a book through step-by-step creative projects that will save you space and get rid of house clutter. This diary DIY is the ultimate space for your creativity to bloom and grow! 

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Illustrations and tips to jumpstart your creativity on DIY books 
  • Easy-to-follow instructions to structure and make a book for journaling and scrap keeping 
  • Lists of accessible materials to use—such as cereal boxes, scraps of paper, and everyday items like buttons and more

If you enjoyed learning how to craft a book in Making Handmade BooksHand Bookbinding, or journaling books like My Soul Pages, you’ll love Treasure Book Making.

Product Details

PublishedJuly 25, 2023
Extent224 pages

About the Author

Natasa Marinkovic

Natasa Marinkovic double majored in Sociology and Behavioral Studies—and then took a completely different route and received a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. For 10 years, she became the sole owner and operator of a successful beauty salon. During those years, she also devoted herself to her passion of journal making, book binding, teaching, and most of all, creating something out of nothing—or rather—turning trash into treasure. 

Her YouTube channel, Treasure Books, currently has over 200 videos (many of which are tutorials) has grown quickly in a reasonably short amount of time. Because of the success of this venture, she now devotes herself to Treasure Books full time. Natasa resides in Melbourne, Australia.