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Ann Reardon (author of How to Cook That) makes her debut on Australian Booksellers Association’s Booktopia newsletter.

Crazy Sweet Creations will inspire and excite cooks from beginners to professionals. “… a healthy diet can include a small number of sweets. My philosophy is that if you’re only going to eat a few treats, then they should be top quality and taste great.” – Ann Reardon

Crazy Sweet Creations is a feast for all the senses and desserts such as Sugar Snow Globe, Candy Sugar Balloon Balls and Jelly with 3D edible spiders and flowers literally look too good to eat. Each recipe has been extensively tested by Ann and includes notes on the science behind the process and why and how certain things happen in cooking. Take your pick from a large array of delicious recipes in the following sections: Fun, Easy Desserts / Perfect Cakes and Cupcakes / Craving Chocolate / Art on a Plate / Show-off Pastries / We All Scream for Ice Cream.

Crazy Sweet Creations is already available. Please watch Ann Reardon’s message to all booksellers in Australia to learn how to promote both the book and your business to her fan community and take part in the display competition organised by BPS.


A suburban mum from Melbourne finds internet fame and an international audience with her crazy sweet creations!
Ann Reardon is a dietitian and food scientist who always had a sweet tooth and loved to indulge it. Combining her passion for the sweet things in life, skills as a pastry chef, and her big imagination led her to connect with fellow dessert-lovers around the world, through a website and YouTube channel she started in 2011 called ‘How to Cook That’.

Fast forward a decade and ‘How to Cook That’ has almost 5 million subscribers and nearly a billion views on YouTube! Despite repeated requests from fans over the years, Ann never got around to writing a book. However, the prolonged lockdown in Melbourne last year gave her the quiet months she needed to focus on collecting the perfect range of recipes and the result is Crazy Sweet Creations.
Ann’s journey to internet fame began in the family kitchen. She worked with what she had available, and without expensive lighting or fancy cameras she started filming on her iPhone 4.
Before long, her inventive recipes, authenticity and genuine passion for what she was doing struck a chord and her audience grew nationally and internationally. Over the past decade, Ann has filmed 450 episodes of her show ‘How to Cook That’, which regularly reaches a monthly audience of more than 12 million people. Crazy Sweet Creations,
released on June 15, is already selling like hotcakes, topping cookbook charts in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia. Ann has been voted the world’s best online chef in the US Taste Awards and her amazing culinary creations have been picked up by TV shows, websites, and newspapers around the world.

Hear from Ann

How to Cook That

Crazy Sweet Creations

Food scientist and host of the award-winning YouTube series How to Cook That, Ann Reardon explores Crazy Sweet CreationsShe draws millions of baking fans together each week, eager to learn the secrets of her extravagant cakes, chocolates, and eye-popping desserts. Her warmth and sense of fun in the kitchen shines through on every page as she reveals the science behind recreating your own culinary masterpieces. How to Cook That helps you elevate your culinary creations from home cook meal to influencer status.

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