Breaking Bread

Gregory Berger (author of Bread Baking Basics) unboxes his new book on Instagram for all to celebrate with him.

Well, it’s official! My advanced copies of my new book arrived! Pulling these out of the box was as exciting as pulling a freshly baked loaf out of the oven!

There’s a ton of pre-order options up in my bio (or just go to Amazon!). It’ll officially come out June 13, perfectly timed for Father’s Day!

Bread Baking Basics

Recipes for Mastering Bread, Dough and Flour

The best—and easiest—way to make the perfect loaf. Baking new things can be intimidating. But if you never try, you’ll never get to taste the flavors of hard work and success. Practice the art of making bread through new skills that mirror life in surprising ways. Learn confidence while discovering the science of food. Find abundance while trying new and tasty recipes. Explore healthy living with healthy foods, all in Bread Baking Basics.

From making sourdough bread to pizza dough, learn new, simple, and classic recipes for bread. Author Gregory Berger knows what it’s like to try something new. He started making bread as a personal hobby on a whim. Now, he’s an award-winning baker who has learned to make the perfect loaf—and has created recipes for some of Sacramento’s top restaurants while at it.

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