Business Careers with Jon Dwoskin, Joyce Johnson & Dorien Morin-van Dam

Debra Eckerling (author of Your Goal Guide) explores balancing work and life while running a successful business.

This week on GoalChatLive I brought together some fabulous entrepreneurs for a conversation on business careers: Business Coach and Podcaster Jon Dwoskin; Sales Champion and Founder of Why Sales Network Joyce Johnson; and Organic Social Media Specialist and Virtual Summit Host Dorien Morin-van Dam.

Jon, Joyce, and Dorien shared their backstories of how they got into their specialties of leadership, sales, and social media; as well as their favorite parts of their careers, along with the challenges.

We also discussed:

  • Hidden sales careers … how sales is a component of nearly every career
  • The value of alignment and fulfillment in your career
  • How work-life balance … isn’t
  • And much more

Watch our Business Careers Conversation 

Also, check out the full GoalChatLive conversation on Careers in the Twitter Moments Recap.

Your Goals for Career Development

  • Jon: Spend a couple of minutes and figure out what characteristic of yourself you would fire. And rehire another version of yourself.
  • Dorien: If you are working on your physical well-being you will be able to do more. Do something to move forward physically.
  • Joyce: If you are unhappy in the career space, avoid the titles. Write down the things you like to do and what you want to accomplish by doing those things.
  • Deb: Use my system of Directed Journaling to figure out some or all of the above … or to explore what’s next for you.

Final Thoughts 

  • Jon: Slow down if you want to speed up.
  • Dorien: Take time away from your electronic connections.
  • Joyce: Success is in the details. Execute
  • Deb: You can do it!


What’s your tip for career development? Please share it in the comments.

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On the next #GoalChat we will be talking about ResilienceJoin the Twitter chat on Sunday, July 18, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, July 19, at 4pm PT, Howard Brown and Mindy Corporon will join me for #GoalChatLive.

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