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If you, like this writer, are working from home with preschoolers during this Covid-19 Circuit Breaker (CCB) season, you must find it increasingly trying to cope with the incessant questions of your mini-me’s (“What is CCB?”) every other waking minute, which ultimately results in an alcoholic binge at the end of the day as you are overwhelmed with gratitude by the fact that the day is finally over (“Day 11 only? CCB!”).

We hear you.

And we don’t want to point fingers; not everyone is patient with kids and besides, you’ve got to keep your rice bowl.

Also, we’d like to thank you for doing your part by staying home during this CCB season.

But you know what? All you need is to let them listen to something real good.

Enter audiobooks

Now, the real beauty of audiobooks — let us get this straight first — is not that you can read a book without actually reading.

For parents, an audiobook does way more: it allows curious kids to learn while you get your work in order.

All these without any screen time.

Screen nazis, rejoice!

Anyway, back to audiobooks.

One good platform is Storytel.

Wide range of stories, kids-mode

Parents can be comforted by the fact that there’s a kids mode.

Which means no 50 shades of bad writing.

Also, there’s a very long list of audiobooks that will cater to every type of reader.

For instance:

1) Stories for the Whole Family

Rated G. Check out Harry Potter, Peter Pan and The Little Prince.

2) Keep Calm and Relax

Perfect tonic for restless kids with 10 million questions. Chill out with The Joy of Simplicity and O’s Little Book of Calm and Comfort. Hey, looking at the titles, this collection is good for stressed out parents too. Perfect for a quick yoga sesh while the kids are asleep.

3) Armchair Travel

Remember when you would take a plane to a foreign country to experience exotic comforts? Yes, it’s called travelling.

If you’ve forgotten what that’s like during this CCB period, take this refresher course.

Book your flight with Kilimanjaro Diaries, Homage to Catalonia and This Could Be Home: Raffles Hotel and Me (yay staycay).

Well, virtual family vacation beats having no vacation.

4) Learn Something New

Perfect tonic for restless kids with 10 million questions redux. Teach your kids a different language or How to Write an Exceptional Thesis (never too early).

The real reason why you should choose Storytel

Over at Mothership, we know that it is expensive to work from home (electricity blues, cooking blues, dabao blues).

That is why we strongly recommend Storytel. It has a 30-day free trial with instant and unlimited access.

That’s more than enough for this pesky but very necessary CCB.

You can use this link ( to get a 30-day Storytel free trial. With some 180,000 titles and tonnes of audiobooks, you can get through this CCB in one piece.

Stay home and stay sane with Storytel, guys. Godspeed.

The Joy of Simplicity

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