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About Mango

Mango Publishing™is an independent book publisher on a mission to democratize and modernize the book publishing industry. The publisher is data-driven, reader-led, highly international, and very engaged in social justice and environmental causes. Mango publishes high-quality nonfiction books from fresh and distinct voices that spark new ideas with readers around the world. Mango has been named one of the fastest-growing publishers in the world for 2018, 2019, and 2020 by Publishers Weekly, was a finalist for Publisher of the Year at Digital Book World 2019, and won Exporter of the Year in 2022 from the US Small Business Administration for the state of Florida.

Publishers Weekly

2019, 2020, 202I

Our Process

Our Model

Author Partnership

From the contract phase, to publication date and beyond, we aim to work with our authors in making a successful book that stands out in the market. We believe in generously sharing in the success of our books with our authors, and we pay aggressively high royalties in comparison to other traditional publishers. In turn, advances on royalties are not part of our model.


Pioneering new ways to market

Book publishing is an old business undergoing tremendous change. Mango Publishing is pioneering new ways to market and sell books in any format (print, eBook, audio). Mango Publishing employs modern analytics-based marketing techniques, social media expertise and proprietary software to do the very best for each book, before and well after publishing. In fact, Mango Publishing has used these analytics to help other major publishers market their books to new audiences, with great success.


Data-driven publishing

Our editorial team works very closely with our authors every step of the way to help develop the very best manuscript possible. Mango has taken the guessing game out of the publishing model by relying on data, social media and market analysis to ensure we give our readers what they want.


Communicating the story

Design matters. Readers expect excellence in the look and feel of books. Mango Publishing designers are all full-time and dedicated to communicating the story of each book and its messages, in an authentic and engaging voice.


Interested in Working with Us?

We’re always hunting for books

We’re always hunting for books that are thoughtful, unusual, and captivating. This is why Mango Publishing accepts unsolicited manuscripts and reviews all proposals. However, given the volume of proposals we receive, we are not able to personally respond to all unsolicited proposals unless we are interested in pursuing the project. Also, while we do publish the occasional fiction book, the majority of our focus is on nonfiction. Proposals can be submitted electronically or by mail. Please see our Submissions Guidelines for more information.

Our Story


Started in an old musty bank-teller hallway


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Publisher of the Year Finalist for Digital Book World

Publisher’s Weekly’s fastest- growing publisher

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Publisher’s Weekly’s fastest- growing Publisher

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