Chiastolite—Crusader’s Stone

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of Mystical Crystals) can help you make your dreams come true with this crystal.

Chiastolite is an exceptional variety of andalusite mined in China, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. What sets chiastolite apart are the dark- colored clay and carbonaceous inclusions in the stone, which are usually black or brown. These inclusions line up symmetrically and often take the form of a cross, garnering the name “crusader’s stone.” The black specimens are called iron crosses.

Chiastolite is a mineral that assists with the mental faculties—critical thinking and analytic abilities. It is greatly valued as a creativity stone and is held dear for the way it aids in combining originality with practical thinking. This crystal will take a notion and give you the impetus to make the dream real. As is fitting for a crusader’s stone (think Knight Templar!), chiastolite will bring answers to mysteries. It is used by metaphysicians to support astral travel. It is also a symbol of transmutation, death, and rebirth; this is very much a stone of change. Healers believe it can reduce fever and even repair any material! This significant stone is held in immense regard, perhaps due to its cross marking, which makes it like no other rock in the world.

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