Confidence with Joan Gelfand & Jessika Phillips

Debra Eckerling (author of Your Goal Guide) talks about the value and benefits of being confident and how to develop confidence.

What does karaoke have to do with confidence? A lot! This week on GoalChatLive I had a fabulous conversation on Confidence with fellow Mango author Joan Gelfand (You Can Be a Winning Writer) and relationship marketing expert Jessika Phillips (NOW Marketing Group).

Joan and Jessika spoke about the value and benefits of confidence, how to develop confidence, and so much more.

To have confidence, you need to be comfortable with yourself: know and embrace what you are good at. “Be a positive inner critic of yourself,” Jessika says.

Joan is a champion of her “4 C’s System to Author Success: Craft, Commitment, Community & Confidence,” which happens to be the subtitle of her book. Finding or building a community of positive reinforcement makes a world of difference for you … and your people.

Value of Confidence

  • Jessika: Confidence builds trust! It helps us feel good, and helps provide clarity on who we want to work with.
  • Joan: As a writer, you need confidence in order to submit. (This is also applicable to entrepreneurs) You can’t win if you don’t put yourself out there. The more you win, the more you win. It’s a loop. Success breeds success!

On Building Confidence 

  • Jessika: We may not see our gifts as gifts, because they come so naturally to us. But, rest assured, they are. Embrace what makes you special! Build your community. Consistently show up
  • Joan: Work on your craft, make a commitment, develop community, and have confidence! Remember, time and patience are your friends!

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Your Goals for Building Your Confidence

  • Jessika: Ask five of your closest network what are the three things they think about when they think about you
  • Joan: Do something every day to forward your business, your career: one/day, five/week
  • Deb: Keep a win list to look at when you need a burst of confidence

Final Thoughts 

  • Joan: Stop fantasizing and start doing
  • Jessika: Look for the people who you can celebrate

What’s your tip for building confidence? Please share it in the comments.

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