Consecration Candle Spell

(Author of Moon Spell Magic) Cerridwen Greenleaf invites you to speak into existence what true desires lie within your heart.

Intention Magic: Consecration Candle Spell

Write your intention on paper and then speak aloud:

Thus I consecrate this candle in the name of [your favorite deity].

So this flame will burn brightly and light my way with the element of fire.

Place the anointed candle in the candleholder, light it, and say:

Blessed candle, light of the Goddess,

I burn this light of [deity’s name].

Hear my prayer, O, [name the deity], hear my need.

Grant my wish and give me hope.

Do so with all your grace,

And magical speed.

Now read your intention as you wrote it on the paper. Roll the paper into a scroll and, using a few drops of the warm wax from your intention candle, seal your sacred statement. Place the paper on your altar or in a special place where it can be safe until your intention is realized.

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