Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #104

I’m grateful I have prayer. On day number 74, I wrote about the power of prayer. Today, I’ve never been more grateful that I have prayer to help navigate and keep me aligned with love, abundance, and peace. Living in the USA right now, we are being faced with a lot of fear, lack, and separation. If I didn’t have my prayers to help me send love to those lost in the darkness of themselves, I honestly would be joining in the energy of fear, lack, and separation. My prayers have guided me to some amazing places in the last few days and have broken my heart wide open.

Yesterday, I was listening to a Heart Wisdom Author Panel about prayer and we were all talking about how different prayer can look for different people. It really made me take a look at all the ways I’ve embraced prayer in nature, meditation, writing, dancing, walking, showering, swimming, exercising, and so much more. Anytime I connect with Divine energy of love, I’m in prayer. This series is a part of my prayers for the Universe to add more love, abundance, and peace to the world. I’m so grateful when I hear that the words I’ve shared have added a little more love to the world. That is one of my answered prayers. I hope you will take a moment to think about what prayer, whatever way you do it, means to you. Does is fill you with AWE? No matter what way I choose to connect, I know when I am because I feel the complete AWE and feel a rush of energy that feels like tingling in and around me. That is how I know my prayers are in their purest form. I FEEL God.

Today, I will focus my prayers on sending love to those who need it. Now, for me this is a VERY powerful exercise. I don’t just send love to people who are easy to send love to. I send love to those who actually need love the most, the people spreading fear, lack, and separation. I know when I fall into that energy, I say a prayer for myself and it helps me to gain the space to see myself, so that I can spot where I’m connecting to that energy. Then I ask God to help me take the story that is connecting me to that energy away.

It’s always our stories that connect us to fear, lack, and separation. That is where conspiracy theories come from in the first place, we make them real in our heads, so we start looking for ways to make the real outside of our heads. In order to do that, we have to be fully focused on fear, lack, and separation. I’m not above this happening in my own head. I just had it happen recently and thanks to prayer and laughter, it didn’t stay there long. It really made me see how important it is to pray for others when I’m in that completely connected space of AWE in my prayers. I KNOW how strong that energy is. That’s the energy I want to help spread in the world. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

My perspectives of God and/or Divine energy might look different than how you see or feel it. What is important is that your perspectives connect you to the AWE. That feeling when your energy is overflowing with authentic joy, compassion, love, empathy, hope, grace, peace, forgiveness, abundance, etc. When I forget what AWE feels like, I know that I’ve been disconnected and I may be in an ego version of prayer, but that NEVER feels the same and I don’t feel connected in it. I also find that when I’m there, I attract what I put out there in my prayers, and because those prayers come from a place of lack, I keep feeling that I don’t have enough in this moment—NOT a good feeling!

Take a second and connect to Source energy, Divine energy, God energy, anyway that feels right for you. Once you feel that AWE, send it out to a person lost in fear, hate, rage, lack, and/or separation. Just keep sending that energy to anyone you think could use it. OH and include yourself too. Allow the energy to fill you up and just feel it flowing out of you into everything you touch. I LOVE this feeling!!

If you like what you are getting from these posts, you can sign-up to follow with your email or through your WordPress app. Just scroll down and follow. If you feel like you need a prayer, please feel free to leave a comment and I will say one for you. I hope you feel the energy of my prayers just reading this post. If you do, please embrace it.

PLEASE be mindful of your prayers! If you have thoughts of hate and rage, you are putting that energy out into the world. You become prey for people who feed on that energy, even if that hate and rage is towards yourself. We have to clean up our own space, so we don’t unknowingly become what keeps fear, lack, and separation flowing in our societies. We are not connecting to Divine love if our energy is aligned with fear, lack, and separation. Divine energy is always there, we just have to align to tap into it. If it doesn’t feel amazing running through you, you have more work to do. You can always ask for help getting there in your prayers. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for books, people, talks, and posts that are sent into your life to give you guidance.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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