Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace

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Daily Aligning with Love, abundance, and Peace #160

I’m grateful for the abundance of love in my life. One thing I’ve repeated over and over again on this blog, on my Facebook page, and in my book is the importance of consciously defining love. Many of us grow up with very mixed messages about love. We unknowingly confuse fear and love. We unknowingly confuse love with someone’s agenda of wanting power and control. When we find the definition of love that resonates in our soul, we stop blindly believing that attachment to the energy of fear, lack, and separation has anything to do with love. Once we see the difference and start treating ourselves with the love and respect that we deserve, we stop accepting less from others. We start giving more to others. We learn to decipher between giving from a loving place and giving out of fear of not being enough.

Being an American, I’ve witnessed the energy of fear, lack, and separation break down communications completely and put many into an us against them mentality (separation). I’ve watched leaders try to make us fear things just to sway people to do what they want. I’ve seen so many people living in a place of lack that they want to take it out on others, not considering the consequences of their actions. The beauty of love is that it doesn’t do these things. This is all fear, lack, and separation. We don’t listen when we are wrapped in that energy. We are replaying a story in our minds that destroys us from the inside and insights darkness in the world.

When we have the awakening of seeing love for what it truly is, some people will fall out of our lives because the energies are no longer aligned. When we give and receive from a place of love, abundance, and peace, our abundance of that love and peace grows and expands. When we have and appreciate the love in our lives, we make space for more.

The abundance of love I feel today fills me with complete awe. I have something to be grateful for every day, because that is where my heart lives. I see places to contribute acts of love, spot acts of love, and receive acts of love. I also spot what is coming from a place of fear, lack, and separation. I do my best to protect myself by tapping into my abundance of love, so that I stay open to learn and grow from each experience I’m presented with. When I tap into my love, it protects me from any darkness.

Today, I commit to appreciating the abundance of love in my life. First, I will look to my definition of love. Then I will write my gratitude list from that place. I will stay open to spot the places I can send love today. I know that many people in the world could use some loving energy today. I will also be open to receive love today. There is an collective heaviness happening right now. Some of you may be tapping into that. The best way to not carry the weight of it is to tap into our love, abundance, and peace instead.

Right now the world can use as much love as we can muster up. I ask anyone who is reading this to please tap into the love in your heart and imagine that energy going out into the Universe and spreading all over our planet. The world needs as many people as we can to be aligned with love, abundance, and peace and not fear, lack, and separation. Fear, lack, and separation only creates more problems. Love, abundance, and peace creates solutions. With love, power and control have no place. People who are driven by making other people feel like victims are coming from a place of fear, lack, and separation. Healthy people don’t do that. Healthy people don’t make another group “evil”. That is fear agenda at it’s finest. People who want us to hate are asking us to align with fear, lack, and separation and they will use those tactics to sway us. Remember, nobody can make us HATE anybody! If we hate someone, that is the energy of fear, lack, and separation living inside of us. If we don’t want that, we have to take action and use our tools to align with the energy of love, abundance, and peace daily!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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