Daily Motivation from Author and Artist Kate Allan

You matter. You are interesting, a total cutie, and completely lovable.

If you’re feeling disconnected lately, please know it’s not because there’s something inherently wrong with you. Keeping up relationships is difficult, and it also takes two to tango. And honestly, everyone goes through periods of isolation in life– though the internet may paint a picture that everyone has five besties and a giant supportive family, that’s not the truth.

You’re doing okay, even if you feel alone. You’re okay. You’ll find connection again, please be patient.

All My Best,
Kate, author of You Can Do All Things.

you can do all things

Drawings, Affirmations and Mindfulness to Help With Anxiety and Depression

Daily meditations to help with depression and anxiety: Mental health is a topic that affects everyone, though so few are eager to discuss it. You Can Do All Things is a compendium of knowing-yet-supportive illustrations from The Latest Kate, whose thoughtful quotations encourage the reader to be mindful of their own mentality and to take care of themselves, regardless of image or lifestyle. Calming and supportive, the illustrations are also candid about the internal problems many people face in this hectic modern world.

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