Dave Crenshaw Featured in Forbes

Dave Crenshaw, author of The Myth of Multitasking, was featured in an article written by Alisa Cohn for Forbes.com on “Advice for Autumn”, check it out!

Advice For Autumn

By Alisa Cohn

Dave Crenshaw

“When you’re surrounded by chaos, it’s easy to get pulled into doing low-value work. Build a work schedule around “Most Valuable Activities” or MVAs. These are the one or two things that you do that are worth the most per hour. Consider the times of day when you have the most energy and block out “MVA time” in those productive hours. Also, if you’re a caregiver or have children at home, block out a schedule to step away from work and focus on them when needed. Then you can return to work with a greater sense of balance.”

Dave Crenshaw is a bestselling productivity author who develops productive leaders in Fortune 500 companies, universities, and organizations of every size.  His courses on LinkedIn Learning have been viewed tens of millions of times.

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The Myth of Multitasking

How “Doing It All” Gets Nothing Done

Productivity and effective time management end with multitasking. The false idea that multitasking is productive has become even more prevalent and damaging to our productivity and well-being since the first edition of The Myth of Multitasking was published in 2008. In this revised and updated second edition, author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw provides a solution for the chaos of distraction that multitasking creates―and a way to combat the temptation to constantly switch between tasks.

Learn how to actually get things done. Dave Crenshaw takes the idea of multitasking as a productivity tool and smashes it to smithereens. But rather than leaving you with the burden of wading through the wreckage all by yourself, he shows you how to focus, move forward, and free up more time for what you value the most.

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