Debra Eckerling Interviewed on The Born to Talk Radio Show

Your Goal Guide author Debra Eckerling was recently interviewed on The Born to Talk Radio Show with Marsha Wietecha, listen here.

Thank you Debra Eckerling for sharing your wisdom and experience today on my Born To Talk Radio Show about a subject we can all relate to, Goals.

The D*E*B Method. “Goal-Setting Simplified.”

Deb’s system, along with her book, is a simple way to help people figure out what it is they really want and then come up with a plan to achieve their goals. People tend to overthink or underthink their goals. But when they take the time to explore what makes them happy, what they want to create, and who they want to be, they are better able to set themselves up for success.

Her system is easy to understand.   Consider this:

D.  Determine Your Mission. E. Explore Your Options.  B. Brainstorm Your Path.

I loved this tip, that you might try for yourself.  Directed Journaling.  As an example, she gave this suggestion. Take a notebook, with multiple pages, and write, “What Do I Want?” at the top of each page. Over the course of the week or even a day, maybe 3-5 times, write what you’re thinking.  Once you have completed the thoughts you wrote, turn the page.  The next time you come back to the notebook, the question will be at the top, but don’t read what you previously wrote until you complete the exercise.  Then you can review your notes and find the common answers or themes. Whenever you need to, repeat the process with a different question.  This process may help direct you towards your Goals. Speaking of Goals…


What is a goal?  According to  Deb,  “A goal is a dream with a plan.”  How do you get to your “happy place” without a road map? If you don’t know what you want, you may get lost along the way.  Many of us she said, have trouble achieving our goals because we see challenges as obstacles rather than gifts.  It makes sense when you think about making an adjustment in the words you use.

 I recommend this book: Your Goal Guide.  A Roadmap for setting, planning, and achieving your goals.

Your Goal Guide by Deb Eckerling (small copy)

your goal guide

A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals

Start with a plan. One of the biggest reasons goals fail is that we often don’t put enough thought into what we really want before diving in. Your Goal Guide by Debra Eckerling starts with that first, crucial step: figuring out your goals and putting a plan in place. As a professional writer, communications specialist, and project catalyst with more than 20 years of experience, Eckerling is prepared to help you achieve success.

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