Discovering Your Organizing Style

Cassandra Aarssen (author of The Declutter Challenge) provides us with resources for identifying which type of organizing machine we are.

I receive a lot of messages and comments from members of our Clutterbug community who still aren’t sure of their organizing style. I thought I’d answer some of my most frequently asked questions below:

Q – Can I be more than one bug type?

A – The four organizing styles is a scale, you can’t possibly put everyone into just four categories. You may be a ButtterBee or a Ladyfly (I’m totally just making these up), or you could be a Cricket in your office and prefer Bee organization is your craft room. The point is, don’t stress about it. The Clutterbug Philosophy is simply one of many organizing tools that can help you take control of your home and your life. If you don’t know if you like visual or hidden storage, that’s ok! Why not give both a try and see what works best?

Q – I am a Butterfly now, but when I get organized, can I turn into a Cricket?

A – The four organizing styles has nothing to do with how messy you are. ANY bug type can be messy and ANY bug type can be organized! I know quite a few VERY organized Butterflies and I’ve certainly met many Crickets with a lot of clutter. You can’t determine your style by looking at what isn’t working, you have to look at what is! There isn’t one Clutterbug type that is better than another, we all have different challenges and different strengths.

Q – I make piles, so I must be a Cricket, right?

A – Any bug type can make piles (though Bees and Crickets are known for neat piles until they can organize perfectly later)! The difference between the styles is really just about how you naturally STORE versus SORT your things. Do you prefer to store your things in a visual or hidden system? Do you prefer to sort your items into lots of detailed categories, or have less detailed, broad categories? It’s this combination of how you store and sort that determines your organizing style.

I recently made a video where I share exactly what I look for when determining a clients style. Watch that video here:


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The Declutter Challenge

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