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Mitzi Szereto’s book, The Best New True Crime Stories, is said to have interesting accounts and research that is just outstanding.


We have all heard of the famous criminals, like Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and the list goes on. But what about the ones that we don’t hear about? Such as Naun Briones, that only went after the rich, or Freddie Brenman, a notorious street-fighter that had ties to the Dillinger Gang? Mitzi Szereto has teamed up with other award-winning and international crime writers to bring us this new addition to “The Best New True Crime Stories”.

El Bandolero Jojano

What did I like?

I have read Mitzi’s other books, so I had an idea what this one was going to be like, but I was utterly surprised at some of the criminals in this book. I mean sure, the ones like John Dillinger have been talked about for years, but I had never heard anything about his bag man Freddie Brenman. Can you just imagine being involved with those guys? I heard stories told about my mother-in-law working for Al Capone, but sometimes you wonder if these things are even true. But the stories are still there, and they don’t seem to go away.

Little Nicky Scarfo

What will you like?

Talk about being interesting, wow, the accounts are amazing! The research is outstanding, the descriptions will astound you, and the criminals might be next door. The list of contributors is right off the best sellers list, Morgan Barbour, Jackie Barrow, David Blumenfeld, T. Fox Dunham, David Breakspear, Shashi Kadapa, Janel Comeau, Tom Larsen, Deidre Pirro, Anthoney Ferguson, Dean Jobb, Paul Willetts, and Paul Williams. Each brings to the table lots of experience and a diversity of backgrounds, including a ton of books that they have published. 

The Best New True Crime Stories

Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues & Criminals

From mild mannered coworkers to doting parents. Some might be your jack-of-all-trades friend, or others might be your family member with an altruistic persona. The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks & Criminals takes you deeper into the unconventional criminal’s psycheThe ones where their most prominent feature isn’t a bloodied knife, but a bright smile and warm gaze meant to lure their next victim.

Meet the real killers. You’ve heard about John Wayne Gacy. You’ve read about Jeffrey Dahmer. You’ve delved into the Ted Bundy fascination. It’s time for you to meet the infamous Naún Briones, who struck fear into the hearts of the rich, and Freddie Brenman, a notorious street-fighter with mysterious ties to the Dillinger Gang. You’ll find yourself realizing that being nice and friendly is a killer combination. 

Edited by acclaimed author and anthologist Mitzi Szereto, The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks & Criminals reveals all-new accounts of true crime stories featuring serial killers from the contemporary to the depression-era. The international list of contributors includes award-winning crime writers, true-crime podcasters, journalists, and experts in the dark crimes field such as Tom Larsen, David Blumenfeld, and Anthony Ferguson.

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