Don’t Be Judgmental.

Becca Anderson, author of The Buddha’s Guide to Gratitude, has written a new blog post on why it is better to live a judgement-free life. Read Becca’s post here!

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Be Kind Just Because You Can

It’s easy to judge others for their actions and take for granted those we love or those we meet in chance encounters. We sometimes get so caught up in our busyness that we forget others are busy too, they have rough days just like us, and they benefit from our kindnesses just as we do from theirs. Go out of your way to smile at strangers, say good morning, say thank you, give a compliment, and listen attentively to someone who needs your ear. Do it because you can, because it feels great, because it makes someone else feel good. Don’t worry about a subsequent thank you; let a thank you be a beautiful perk, rather than an expectation.

The Buddha’s Guide to Gratitude

The Life-changing Power of Every Day Mindfulness (Stillness, Shakyamuni Buddha, for Readers of You are here by Thich Nhat Hanh)

According to Buddha, “You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.”  Being thankful is one of the most powerful tools we humans have to attain peace of mind and a measure of happiness. As it turns out, Buddha had quite a lot to say on the subject of gratitude, including citing it as one of the four keys to the Gate of Heaven. Why is this? Perhaps the sheer simplicity of gratefulness is  large part of this as it is available to all of us at any time. Even in the midst of over busyness, stress and chaos, we can find plenty to be glad about. Take time to stop each day and count your blessings. This can be a prayer or mindfulness mediation, whichever works for you. Yet, this lovely, uncomplicated approach may well change your life. 

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