Don’t Interrupt When Others Are Talking

Brenda Knight (coauthor of Random Acts of Kindness) reminds us that listening is one important act of love we can all take part in.

    We have become a nation of interrupters, as though what we have to say is more important than anyone else’s opinion or thoughts. Think before you speak. If a friend is confiding in you, consider if your words can truly help them. Many people interrupt or relate the problem back to themselves instead of thoughtfully responding to the person who is confiding in them. Reflect on what you have heard and then reply. This is not only basic manners but also means a lot to the person to whom you are listening. I guarantee you will start to notice when you are interrupted once you have stopped. Listening is an act of love.

Random Acts of Kindness

365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Goodness

The change you want to see in the world. This good-humored guide to being the change you want to see in the world is filled with suggestions for making a real difference, in ways both large and small. From improving someone’s life with just one penny to ensuring all children are well fed, the day-by-day positive proposals of Random Acts of Kindness combine inspiration with action. Despite the hurly-burly of our busy lives, we can all make a beneficial impact on the environment, throughout out local community, and within our own hearts. This book of inspired ideas and good deeds conveys how “the power of one”―that is, you―can make a better world, starting today!

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