Double Lives Featured in “Eye-Opening True Crime Books” List on The Lineup

Double Lives by Eric Brach has been featured in an Eye-Opening True Crime Books list created by MacKenzie Stuart for The Lineup- read the whole list here.

11 Eye-Opening True Crime Books for Fans of Crazy, Not Insane

Double Lives

By Eric Brach

Most of us would like to believe that if we came face-to-face with a predator, we’d be able to recognize their dark intentions. And that’s precisely why it can be so jarring to learn that some of history’s worst killers managed to blend in seamlessly, without arousing suspicion from their friends and neighbors. Eric Brach’s Double Lives delves into these cases, forcing us to acknowledge that most serial killers aren’t maniacs living on the fringes of society, but upstanding members of tight-knit communities. It’s a sobering read that prompted Sgt. Joseph Kuns of the LAPD to declare, “these are the stories that keep me up at night.”

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Double Lives

True Tales of the Criminals Next Door (A True Crime Book, Serial Killers, for Fans of Cold Case Files or If You Tell)

Double Lives chronicles the very monsters who walk unnoticed among us ─ even serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy. They are neighbors and students, professionals and friends living out criminal double lives. Double Lives is both a nonfiction exposé and a nationwide search that details the exploits of some of the worst criminals in recent American history, all of whom succeeded in going undetected for years while perpetrating one crime after another… and all in their own hometowns. Gender? Race? Age? Socioeconomic class? It doesn’t matter. All stripes of people from all walks of life are profiled in this true crime roller-coaster.

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